Things (Walter Palmer) mistaken as Humans.

There are some things in the world which are mistaken as Human Beings. One of those is Walter Palmer, a dentist in Minnesota, USA. It is responsible for shooting and killing a magnificent beast, Cecil the lion. We have all heard about it, we are all furious.

When I first heard about Cecil’s death I was beyond devastated. This was when I did not know the whole Palmer story. I was sad to say goodbye to a lion who looked and probably was the most handsome being on Earth. And then I read about the disguised human Palmer. And I call him a thing for the one reason that no human being would ever do an act as heinous as his to any other living being. Human Beings are made to love one another, care for all animals and protect the environment. But that’s rarely what these people do. They murder each other, poach animals and destroy the environment. Usually for no apparent reason. Oh sorry, some people poach animals for “sport”. Yeah, it is very amusing and entertaining to lure a lion out of his home with a bait; try to kill him with an arrow; then when you realize he isn’t dead, shoot him; skin him; take his head away; and leave the body. Fun? No. Disgusting. That is what happened to Cecil by the way.

How in the world is killing an animal, an animal which has done no wrong to you, a “sport”? How can you ever justify such an act. I can never ever understand people like Walter Palmer who issue statements to the press saying the whole process was completely legal to his knowledge. He also mentioned that he had no idea that the lion he killed was a local favourite. Sir, are you saying that it is okay to kill a lion if he isn’t a local favourite? Really? ARE YOU THAT STUPID?

Just look at him, look at Cecil in these videos. How cool is he?

Cecil, darling, you didn’t deserve to go away so soon. Hope heaven is treating you well. We’ll make sure Palmer doesn’t live a happy life, ever. The internet has good human beings in it. Do not worry. Love you, handsome ❤

Watch Jimmy Kimmel talking about Cecil. He is just one among the many good people. 🙂


Mr. Kalam.

He was and will always be the man whose words make me want to get out of bed and do whatever I wanted to do with my life. More than his words, his life has motivated us. There was a time when everyone wanted to be an aerospace scientist because Kalam’s book had inspired them. The greatest man of our time, the biggest motivation to the youth and the above all, a simple down to Earth man. A god-like human being.

I remember the time he came to the school I was studying in. He was then the President of India. There were these black cats all around our school grounds and we had all been a little frightened at the security details that morning. It was tough to get in, the sun was too hot and the wait seemed endless. But when Dr. Kalam started speaking everything changed. The long wait was completely worth a half hour of his speech. That was the first time someone inspired me.

Dr. Kalam, you will always be remembered. Not just by me, but by everyone who has had the honour of knowing you. Thank you for being in our lives. We love you.

They took the dogs away.

I witnessed something terrible last day. I was walking to college on Saturday and saw a peculiar looking mini truck outside my college. When I reached closer to the truck I saw something which I could never forget. About 20 dogs, street dogs, were confined in the back of the truck. Some of them were lying down, some were standing up, some looked terrible and some were shivering like I have never seen a dog shiver. Some men were walking around the truck and they looked like they were trying to catch more dogs. There was a women next to the truck who seemed to be in charge of the whole procedure.

There was a small crowd of college people forming near the truck waiting to see what was going to happen. I could not join the crowd and just stand back and observe so I walked up to one of the men there and asked him what they were going to do with the dogs. He told me that they were going to give them vaccinations, have them neutered and then release them back to the streets. Apparently he has been doing it for almost 4 years.

I looked at the truck and they were part of Blue Cross, Pune, India. I felt a little relief when I saw they were Blue Cross since I’ve heard good things about their work. I stood there, with the crowd to see what they were going to do next.

Image I took off the internet which exactly resembles what I saw

As we all stood there, 2 men came out of the truck with nets which were attached to a metal rod. It looked something like the photo here (Note that this is a photo I took off the internet. I was too petrified to take a photo at that time). They then went looking for a dog. By this time people in the crowd were getting their phones out and I was feeling weak in the knees. I looked into the back of the truck and locked eyes with a black pup. He was standing up, shivering like it was -10 degrees outside. It could have been my imagination, but I felt like he was pleading to me. He wanted to get out. I could see it in his eyes. I can still see and feel his stare as I write this.

We all then heard a loud yelp and saw that the men were coming to the truck with a white dog in the net. The poor thing was wailing and howling in pain and trying with all his might to to get out of the net. The men tried to twist the net so as to keep him inside but he somehow wriggled himself free and ran away. I did not know if I wanted to run to his aid or to let those people take him away for what is ultimately for his own well-being.

I am not going into the details of the whole thing, but they did catch him in the end. As they took him, now with bruises in his ears and blood gushing out of his mouth after what I presume was a fight to stay out of the net, I stood there not knowing how to feel. Blue Cross, I know, is an institution which takes care of animals. I know they would not hurt the dogs but the manner of “rescuing” the dogs has left me devastated.

Have we not evolved enough to find a manner of capturing these dogs without equipments which I can only define as torture devices? What is the need to get a net and trap a poor dog in it causing deep emotional trauma to the poor animal? Cant a tranquilliser work effectively? Aren’t the animals’ injuries not important in the big picture of things?

I still cannot figure out where I stand on the issue of Blue Cross’s manner of rescuing animals. I applaud their work, that is if they actually make life easier for the stray animals, but please, please do not hurt the animals in the process. I am not educated enough to give you an alternative but I assume an experienced person might have an option for capturing dogs from the streets without nets. Or the internet might be able to provide you with an answer, Blue Cross.

The fear I saw in the eyes of the confined dogs still haunt me. The black pup, especially. I hope you are okay, I hope you will be okay. And I hope to see you around my college someday soon.


So, I was watching this video on YouTube by Karimchii, one of the YouTubers I am subscribed to. He usually makes fun, entertaining videos but this time he talked about something serious. Scars. I’ve linked the video below if you want to watch it. In his video he talked about how he views scars as positive signs; sometimes of how you survived an accident or how you overcame a painful time in life. As I watched him talk about this, I couldn’t agree more to his views. But then I realized that I think differently about scars.

When I look at a scar on someone, I never think of it as “ugly” or “disgusting”. Truth Harry's Scaris, I don’t think of it as a negative or positive sign. It is just something some people have or don’t have. Neutral. That is, if you are not sporting a lighning bolt scar on your forehead. If you have that on you, I’d worship you.

Anyway, I kept pondering over the topic of scars even after the video ended. The video had talked about how scars could act as a reminder of something epic (good/bad) that happened in your past. But what about those scars which are a result of something unremarkable that happened to you? For example, a scar/mark left on your hand after an insect bit you? Or a scar/mark from a random bruise you don’t even remember? What about those scars from chickenpox you had as a child? Or from that one time you were careless with the iron box? Nothing major, but they are still there. Visible.

I have scars all over my face. Some of them are leftovers from skin allergies I had as a child. They haven’t faded even after all these years. Some others are from pimples I had as a teenager. They are horrible looking and do not remind me of anything cool or stupid or funny. They are just there. Part of me. Part of my face.

Do I like them? Obviously not.

Do I wish I had a clear skin? Yes.

Have I learned to live with it? Yes.

Scars don’t have to be stories of battles you fought with life. They don’t have to remind you of your past. They do not have to be significant. They can be simple marks left by a rogue pimple or a random cut. All you have to do is learn to live with it. Because at the end of the day, nobody, and I mean nobody cares about your marks. They all have their own faces and bodies and marks to worry about. Your face is 10 times better than you see it; your body is 100 times cooler than you give it credit for.  You don’t have to bring a concealer to every spot on your face or your body. Your scars don’t define you if you don’t want them to.

Chill, relax. Let those scars be seen. If they remind you of a past that you can now be proud of, tell the world about it. If it reminds you of a past you are scared to dig into, pull yourself out of that gutter; move on in the journey of life. If you don’t even remember the reason for that scar, don’t try figuring it out now, who the hell cares?!

Watch Karimchii’s Video here.


Maddie! Get Down!

Wish I had a doggie like that! Travelling around the world with this kiddo will be amazing!


©Theron Humphrey ©Theron Humphrey

You’re about to meet the best dog in the (photographic) world. Welcome to “Maddie On Things,” a photo project by Theron Humphrey.

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The Blog Name.

People keep asking me why I call my blog “The Speaking Paw”. I shall answer this query with a single post.

For the longest time in my life, I had wanted a tattoo. I don’t know why, but the idea of a tattoo excited me from a very very young age. It’s not like I was a very rebellious child or anything. I was too lazy to be a 1423840310578rebel I guess. But anyway, my parents would not let me get a tattoo and even if they did I would probably have no idea what to get and might have ended up with a butterfly or something (no offence to people who have butterfly tattoo. It’s cute :P). So then I moved out of my parent’s home for college and on 13th February, 2015 I decided to fuck what my parents thought and go get a tattoo anyway. My mom was pissed but I knew she would come around to liking it.

And guess what my tattoo is? Yes. A Paw. On my wrist. I decided that I wanted a paw tattoo because I love dogs and there was not a single other thing I wanted etched on me forever.

I compare my experience of getting a tattoo with that of pregnancy. Don’t jump on me with opinions, let me explain. The anticipation, the worry, the scare, the pain, the love, and the feeling of seeing that piece of beauty finally forever yours – it’s all there. I am bloody scared of needles and getting a tattoo was not easy for me. The damn thing scared the crap out of me. But I did it. And I will always be proud of it. And I will love it till the end of time. No regrets. 🙂

Oh, remember the movie We are the Millers and the “No ragrets” tattoo that dude got? Funny. 😀ragrets

Anyway, that is why I call my blog “The Speaking Paw”. Coz I love my paw tattoo, I consider it to be a person almost. Some people might think it’s weird. I don’t. And if you don’t think it’s weird that a person sometimes talks to their tattoo, we can be friends 🙂

P. S. My mom did get around to liking the tattoo. My dad adores it and wants one on his arm now. My cousin who is 14 is trying to persuade her parents to allow her to get a tattoo. Another cousin asked me where she can get one from. Mom says I spread evil in the family. Hehe. 😛


I have never been much of a tIMG_2949raveller. I used to visit a lot of places with my parents but like a typical tourist I would just go see the “touristy” places , get back to the hotel, eat and go to sleep. Maybe click some selfies if the sun helped. However, a recent trip to Europe changed all of that.

So, my parents decided to take me to Europe in June. Hands down, the single best trip of my existence. We could only spend around 10 days there but every day was like a dream. This was my first trip abroad and I gained such an amazing insight to the lives and cultures of other countries. I loved the trip. I still dream about the trip. I just want to get my ass back to Europe.

So what is it that made me fall in love with that beautiful continent? Well, the people for instance are really nice. The cities are clean, the food is good and the land, in general is beautiful. I learned a lot about myself during this trip and one of it was that I liked travelling. As a traveller. Not as a tourist. I liked taking photographs. Not just my photos, but of buildings, rivers, lakes, mountains, other people, streets etc. I just love the feeling of walking around a place, getting lost, panicking, looking everywhere, losing hope and then finding a landmark you recognise and getting back on track. I love the way people would smile at me, I love the idea that there are many strangers out there whom I could maybe meet and smile at or maybe chat with. I love knowing that I can go into any city and be a part of it, learn about it, click photos of it and then fly to another equally amazing city. All this gives me hope and a direction in life.

Travel, I realized is the one thing that can sustain the peace in me. It paves a path for me; inspires me.

IMG_3343So I wonder… If a trip to Germany, Switzerland and Paris could do this to me, what would I be like if I travel the whole world? I can only wonder!

I shall write more about the beautiful places I visited in my upcoming blogs. Hope I do justice to them. Fingers crossed!

Caring about something.

For the longest time in my life, I believed that I had no interest in things. I did not understand the zest some people had for certain things. That enthusiasm some people showed when they talked about particular things. This never worried me until the day I realized that most people around me liked certain things, they cared for those things, they could talk endlessly about those things. And as much as I knew me, I didn’t care. About anything. Not even a bit. That was a problem.

I remember that this had struck me hard. I did not know how to proceed with my life without knowing what made me happy. Everything felt “meh”. So I talked to my best friend about it. She told me something that helped me get a perspective about myself. She said,”You love dogs! You care about them. Isn’t that enough?”. Turns out, that was enough. I realized I had to do something for their well being. See, since I live in India, I see a lot of strays suffering on the streets. I can’t blame the country, really. When you can’t provide shelters for your all your people, you would not think of the dogs on streets! But someone should. And I want to help. I have not planned this entirely and I don’t exactly how I am going to proceed with this, but I am working on it. This, is a promise.

The next thing which changed me was a Europe trip I took last month. I realized that seeing places and experiencing the vibes of different places was one thing which gave me happiness. It keeps me alive. I don’t want to just visit places. I want to understand them. I want to see and learn how the world works. I want to take photographs, I want to walk, I want to sit in cafes and watch the crowd. I want to talk to people and hear their stories. It truly is a wonderful world outside and I want to see it all.

And yes. Those are the things I care about. And when I discovered that I am not a robot without any care in the world, I started seeing other things I cared about. The list is long now.

Ed Sheeran is the last entry.

I’ll talk about that obsession later.


What am I doing?

Blogging is not my cup of tea. I know it, you’ll understand that too if you keep up with me in this blog. I usually have nothing important to say in life. But then I thought to myself (at 2:32 AM on a Monday. With an early flight the next day and no suitcases packed. Great.). What if I have nothing important to talk about? Does everyone always have to speak things which change the world? Obviously not!
So, I decided to go forth and write this damn thing. What I need now is a platform where I can talk. Babble. Rant. And maybe even gossip. All that if I continue writing the blog. (Highly motivated, aint I?)

Also, if I do continue with the writing, I will probably look back on all this crap and have a very hearty laugh. And maybe then I’ll die laughing or something. Will be a cool news article – “Woman dies laughing”. Life goals. Or death goals.
I don’t know!