Kids and Flights.

I fly quite a lot every year because the minute I get a week off of college I run back home. And during these travels, I have noticed something that keeps happening to me. Always, during every flight – the kids. Not the cute kind who sit on their mother’s lap and sleep, but the ones who scream throughout the journey and will pull your hair to entertain themselves.

Now, the thing is, flights are already not a very pleasant space to be in. I mean, we are thousands of feet above land, in a pressurised metal tube, strapped to a seat and given no parachutes in case something goes wrong. I usually love flight journeys because they take me somewhere. Also, the cabin crew are always sweet and they pamper me with food. Which I have to pay for later, but whatever.

Anyway, for the past few months I have noticed that every time I fly, I end up getting seats next to toddlers. I don’t mind them being there. Trust me, I don’t. However, what makes me want to kinda sorta scream at the top of my voice out of frustration is when they start crying for no apparent reason. I get it if there is turbulence and the child is scared. I get it if the crying starts because the kid’s ears hurt from the pressure. I get it if the screaming is a result of hunger. However, I do not understand the logic of anybody crying when the flight is on the ground, stationary. I do not get the crying when your own mother is rocking you back and forth in her arms, offering you food and toys. I do not get babies.

This last time I specifically asked for the window seat in the last row of the flight because I knew that they rarely gave the last row to mothers with infants. I had a severe headache and was getting into the flight after a 5 hour layover at a very crowded airport. My only wish was to sleep. Forget sleep, maybe just close my eyes and enjoy silence for a bit. Everything was perfect in the beginning. There was a gentleman in the aisle seat and the air hostess announced that boarding was complete. An elated me put my leg up on the middle seat and prepared for what I believed would be a beautiful journey. And then, in came a family with a crying toddler. And they sat right in front of me. “Fine, it’s okay”, I thought. I had my empty middle seat to be happy about.

And then, the air hostess, in an attempt to be sweet to the mother asked her if she and the child wanted to move to the row behind because then the “toddler can have his own seat” (I don’t know what a “own seat” will do to make a crying child go quiet). My luck is so very amazing thatΒ I ended up in a journey next to a crying toddler who was throwing his toys all over the place. The stuffed giraffe looked as sad as I did.

This isn’t the first time and I know for sure that this isn’t going to be the last time I whine about crying babies in flights. I know it isn’t the parent’s fault that the child keeps crying in flights but we – the rest of the passengers- have no one else to put the blame on. But to those parents who stare at the other direction when your toddler cries and ruins everyone’s journey, you guys are the worst.

So there goes my short rant. Kids are nice sometimes but I would prefer staying away from them in flights. Are you someone who can handle kids in flights? As in, entertain them if they are next to you? Let me know in the comments. Maybe I can take lessons from you. Also like the post, share it and follow me if you think I am not a horrible human being for complaining about babies.

Love πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Kids and Flights.

  1. Haha loved your post! I have to say when I first flew to India.. that was a total different ball game. People walk, talk… it was the strangest experience. I think babies in general are bit difficult in public spaces but you can’t trust them being on them own.. before you know the plot a plan to take over the world!

    Lovely post. Keep writing! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank You!!! ❀
      Yeah, flights and airports are now my new pet peeves.
      Kids will take over the planet one day I tell you! They have the power for that. All they have to do is cry and half the population will dig a hole and bury themselves! πŸ˜›

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  2. I dont like kids when they cry with out any reason….. it’s so irritating ..sometime it just feel like to tape their mouth and pack them in a box … 😜but my deep desires …I have to bury them in front of their parents… LolπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚


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