I am trying to study.


I have exams going on now. Hence, I am finding all sorts of ways to procrastinate. It is killing me that I haven’t posted in a long time and due to the fear of people hating on me for abandoning the blog during trivial crap like exams, I have been logging into WordPress and trying to write articles. Nothing looked good. So now I have around 6 new worthless drafts.

Anyway, I had a talk with myself in the evening and we (my brain and I) have decided to stop obsessing over not writing here and take a break till exams end (on Tuesday) and then write like normal again. Because honestly, I really do not have much to talk about at the moment unless you want to hear about the Civil Procedure Code in India or about Copyrights or even some unimportant stuff on International Law. I am doubtful about how much I can tell you about International Law though, I didn’t study it well on account of me not giving any having any interest in it.

Oh, I can try and interest you in some pre-exam FREAKING OUT that has been happening the past few days. So basically I put off studying till the very last minute (like I am right now) and then about an hour left to exam I lose my shit and start freaking. I have taken out all my nails-ends, eaten some skin from my fingers and chewed on my lips several times. I am not proud of it and sorry if you cannot get those disgusting images off of your mind.  But such is life right now.

My parents thought I ran away from home because I didn’t pick up their calls after an exam but that was because I was hibernating. Another new development in my life is that I do not sleep for anything less than 10 hours these days. It’s either a sleep of 10 hours or a nap for 43 minutes. (My alarms are for numbers like that now. 10.43, 11.04, 9.56, 11.19 etc.)

Thing is, I am not scared about the exams. I freak out only when the results come out. Exams are chill times usually. But this time I have been procrastinating waay too much and hence the last minute hair pulling.

This post isn’t going anywhere actually. I just wanted to tell y’all what is up.

Wait for next week. I have some fun stuff in the drafts I am working on.

Okay. Thank You. Bye.

Love 🙂

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I am just going to say some things here. It’s a tiny rant. I hear people boasting about travelling when all they did was take selfies at some touristy spots and that irks me. Here goes…

Travelling is a lot more than just going to places. It is about being adventurous, spontaneous and being open to new experiences. It is not about going to Delhi to shop. It is not about going to Switzerland to eat chocolates. It is about going on the metro trains at Delhi and pushing through the crowds, it is about walking around in Lucerne and asking random strangers about the lion monument there. It is everything you do when you are not being a typical tourist.

I want everyone to see the world. As a traveller. And here’s why…

I want people to travel so they see how beautiful the world is. I want people to travel so they get inspired to do better things. I want people to travel so they feel the warmth I felt when strangers at unknown lands smiled at me. I want people to travel so they feel comforted outside their comfort zones.

Basically, I want people to travel so they understand how insignificant they are in the bigger picture of things. That humbles you, that makes you want to leave your mark even in the slightest way possible. That, makes way for greater ideas, ideas that may not change the world, but will change you and the people around you.

And no, I don’t want you to visit a place and be a tourist there like I did for many years in my past. There is nothing great in visiting a city and staying at your luxury hotel and just going around a 2 kilometre radius drive in an air conditioned car. It is not travel when you stop at a mall or a touristy spot to shop for some souvenirs. Telling people you enjoyed the local cuisine when all you did was eat at the hotel’s restaurant is not enough either.

Because that is not travel.

Travel is when you get to a place, book the cheapest, most uncomfortable hotel and then get out to see the city. The more uncomfortable the hotel, the more you’ll find yourself walking on the streets and getting lost among their culture. This getting lost will make you talk to people, ask for help. This will tire you out, which in turn gets you into a local restaurant or a cafe or even an ice cream kiosk. That will then make you understand the people, their daily lives in that city.

Next day, you’ll realise you want more. You’ll realise that you want to go to the nearby city/village/town. You’ll take the train or the bus because then you will meet more people, or at least see more people. You’ll realise how things change with miles. Different cultures, different people, different life styles, even different types of coffees.

Next time you go out, be a traveller. Try seeing the world from your own two eyes. Not through the eyes of a tour guide or through the glasses of your car’s window. There will be a difference in your life.

Love 🙂

P.S. Please understand that the things mentioned above are solely my opinion. I have nothing against people who like being tourists. All power to you if you like doing only the touristy things. Just try being a traveller once. That changed me for the good, and I hope it changes you too.

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The Browsing Position.

You know that manner which your body convolutes into when you are on your laptop for hours at a stretch doing good for nothing stuff like watching cat videos, soldiers coming back home videos or even taking the most random BuzzFeed quizzes?

It looks a little like this:

Yeah, that one. I have a story to tell y’all about this. (I’m kidding. The story has very less to do about this but a lot to do with me having to rant a little. #NotMisleading )

So, we had a kinda important week in college with many submissions and tests and viva (basically any crap the teachers think will help us “learn”). This meant that I procrastinated more than ever this previous week and assumed this position for more than 5 hours, everyday (Okay maybe not 5. Like 9 hours, more or less :/ ). Saturday was the last submission and the deadline was 4PM. You know, you’d think I would have learned my lesson from all these years of waiting till the last minute to submit stuff. But no, I finished my work at about 3:45 and then had to power-walk/semi-run to college. Then, panting and sweating with a very questionable hairdo (coz of the wind and the sweat and not combing the said hair for about 3 days), I reached the photocopy centre. Now, this place is basically a high desk, behind which are two photocopy machines, two computers and two printers. Not to mention two very very lazy dudes who live in their own little bubble. Like, I am not even kidding, one time asked one of them to take a copy for me and he stared at me for a full 5 minute period before walking away from me to sit down on a nearby chair. Imagine that and my possible bewildered look at his response.

Anyway, I stand in queue with a ton of other random lazy asses like me who did not do their work on time, finally got my thingy printed and submitted it. I was then walking back home when I realised that there was an excruciating pain on my lower back which was basically making me walk like a drunk old woman. You know sometimes you get these pains and you convince yourself that that is how you are going to die? That was me.

I get back home and assume my browsing position and my genius brain figures it out. It is the browsing position that gave me the back pain! See, I had spent too much time sitting like that, my body couldn’t handle it. I blame the education system for this. I also blame the legal system. I can’t figure out how the system is liable for my back pain, but I blame it. I also want to blame the internet but I love it waay too much to be harsh to him/her.

So why it took me 5 days to write about this? Because I had a test yesterday I needed to study for and because I procrastinated (what else is new?) and also did not want to assume the browsing position that clearly did not do any good for me.

Also, this post is nothing but me trying to gain all of your sympathy for being an ass and not writing for what I think is a month or something (It’s 13 days. I checked.). Anyway, I am soooo sorry! I got caught up with all the damn university stuff which I still believe do nothing good for me (but still have to do coz as it was pointed out to me, “who in their right mind would leave 4th year of law school?”)

I swear I will do better. Promise. :*

P. S. I still have the pain. If you have a remedy for crap like this, please do let me know.

P. P. S. If anyone is wondering how I did in the submission, TERRIBLY. Least marks I’ve ever gotten in my whole college life. Yeah, education isn’t stressful or anything! :/

P. P. P. S. Love 🙂

Photo Courtesy – http://of-lions-and-llamas.tumblr.com/post/108453724631/this-was-probably-made-to-help-danisnotonfire-and , http://www.findmemes.com/college-memes


I have a new found obsession. Baby Pigs. Micro Pigs. Any pig. PIGS.

Now I like dogs, right? And I like them because they are cute and nice and fun and loyal and adorable and god’s gift to humanity. But so are cats, goats, lions, zebras, cows, buffaloes, monkeys, tigers, elephants (at this point I am just writing down the names of any animal that comes to my mind. They are all cute and nice and lovely beings.)

Anyway, pigs.

So, I never gave much attention to pigs before because when I was a kid my mom told me that they eat poo. I didn’t like the whole idea of poo eating creatures and also, when I grew up I acquired a taste for pork and bacon. So basically, I decided to not think of pigs as animals. (I know. That’s sad and horrible.)

But then, this video of bacon lovers meeting a baby pig happened to me. And that baby pig was more than adorable. Hence, now I love pigs. The next obvious step was to Google “pig babies” and waste life staring at cuteness. In my defence, the alternative to doing that was to study for an upcoming test, and this was much more fun.

After diligent and meticulous research (Yes, I did do diligent and meticulous search 😛 ), I came to the conclusion that pigs come in all shapes and sizes and colours(on second thoughts, maybe not all shapes. I don’t think there is a triangular pig :/ ). There are these amazing micro-pigs who look something like this:

I mean, if you do not find this cute, I kinda sorta am judging you. Even their noses are charming! #NoseSwag

Now, micro pigs/tea cup pigs as they are called because of their size, are supposed to be these genetically engineered pigs that do not grow up to be huge and strong. They will always be tiny and adorable. Quite unlike raising a child who grows up to be a ungrateful punk and leaves you forever after he/she is done using all your money. However, there are some real concerns regarding the sale of such pigs and the links to those are here and here for anyone who is even minutely interested in this whole topic as I am. Other than the serious concerns, there is also this possibility:

What if you are too late to realise you were cheated into buying an actual farm pig?

Anyway, I love them still. I like how cute they are. I like how amazing they must be to cuddle with. I like how they eat everything so you wont feel bad about your eating habits. I love their swag (I mean, look at the one in the main photo. That’s called princess swag). This is like the time I obsessed over bison after watching a FunForLouis video on YouTube (Yes, that was a phase. No, I don’t want to talk about it. 😛 )

So, basically, if anyone were to get me a pig, that would be nice. I’ll take care of him/her, feed him/her my food, clothe him/her with my clothes and pick up after he/she poops. Also, if you were to surprise me with a pig, I promise I’ll give you a cuter reaction than this:

I need a pig.

Love 🙂

Wait, did any of you think I was writing about a person who acted like a jerk? You know like, “He was such a pig for not paying on the first date!” sort of stuff??  #MisleadingTitles 😛 😀

P. S. I am sorry for the overdose of the words cute, adorable, tiny etc in this post. These beings are all of that.

Photo Courtesy – http://theodysseyonline.com/unc/8-pigs-remind-everything-alright/84162http://www.viresattached.com/story.php?id=927http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2179951/Micro-pig-grows-25-stone-takes-owners-home.html