Amazon Cares and Amazon CARES.

NOTE: This isn’t a sponsored or paid post. I want this to reach as many people as possible and it is not about me pitching myself to brands. Also, please read the ‘update’ part of the post because it is about some truly remarkable people, who make good things happen.

Today I was on Amazon, just window shopping (That is one of my many hobbies.). It is then that I came across this beautiful gesture by the company – Amazon Cares. I do not know if this is something that they have been doing for  while and everyone knows about this already; but if you don’t, please take some time to read this post and think about it.

So, Amazon Cares is a service done by Amazon under their Gift a Smile project to provide NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) with their needs by letting us buy stuff for them. Don’t get it? I’ll explain.

So when you go to their webpage, you see a list of NGOs.  There are NGOs there falling under different categories of services- like child education, child health, differently-abled persons, women empowerment, senior citizens, animal welfare etc.  You click on the NGO you’d like to support and you’ll see their “Wish List”. This Wish List contains all the things that the NGOs need at the moment. Some are on high priority and you can even see the quantity they need and that they received. The NGOs give reasoning for wanting that specific product too. This helps you make an informed decision. All you have to do is add  the items you want to get for them, or things within your budget that you can give them and buy those stuff!  Done.

You sir/madam, have helped someone.

What I love about this initiative is how simple it is. Everyone sits at home thinking about wanting to give back to the society. I have heard at least 5 people telling me about how privileged their life is and how that makes them feel “guilty”. They talk about wanting to help charities and causes. But “I don’t have the time to arrange for anything” or “I don’t know who to get in touch with” or “things they need are out of my budget” are some of the problems I hear.

With Amazon Care, you can sit in your home, office or a coffee shop, look at the causes you care for, see what the NGOs need and balance stuff out with the amount you can spend and easily help the people/animals in need.

It cannot get easier than this.

As soon as my parents come back home today, I am going to tell them about this and select some NGOs we would like to help. Not that we don’t care for the other NGOs, but some things are closer to heart.

This wasn’t a planned post. I literally saw the service and made a short post about it. I’ll put up another of my “normal” posts soon.

Please share this with the people who you think can help out the NGOs. It would be lovely to go on Amazon Care one day soon and see none of the NGOs wanting anything because the kind people of the world have provided all those things already 🙂

Amazon Cares India–

Readers from other countries – I couldn’t find the websites for Amazon Cares anywhere except in India. Maybe you can Google and find out. If you do find this initiative in your country, please leave the link in the comments. That’ll help others. Thank You.

Spread some love guys, because what with all the things happening around the world right now, we all need to give and receive some love.

Peace ❤

Update: After I posted this article, I received a comment from Amazon CARES. Not the international company, but a group of kind hearted heroes who believe in a philosophy I care a hell lot for – animal rights. So, I decided to make this post longer, and include the good work they do into this.

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety AKA Amazon CARES does its good work in Peru’s Amazon – the rainforest. A quick glance through their website and Facebook page  will show you how much they care about making life easy and comfortable for our co-beings. They are truly remarkable people and I feel sorry for not knowing about their work beforehand especially when I wrote a post with the title they have owned since 2004. If any of my readers would like to support them, kindly do so (the links are below).

Because like I said before, we all need to give and receive some love.

Get in touch with Amazon CARES here:

Official Website
Support their cause

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The one thing I can never do.

I love animals. All animals – insects and birds and reptiles and fishes and micro-organisms and everything. Even those that scare me a little, like snakes, or dragons (Not the Game of Thrones ones. Them, I want as my cuddler pets 🙂 ).

I still love them. You can love the things that scare you. That’s some deep shit right there, by the way.

But, I can’t help but eat some of them. And I don’t know what to do about that. Problem is not that I don’t like vegetables. It’s that I like non-vegetarian stuff waaay too much. I hate thinking about the poor chicken’s face when I eat a burger. I can imagine a goat’s cute-ass face when I relish on a Biryani. But I can’t help it, I really really cant.

I have always been a non-vegetarian. I do not remember a time when I disliked or avoided a good chicken curry. I mean it doesn’t even have to be good. I’ll eat it if it’s got chicken in there. Forget chicken, I eat all sorts of meat. And sea food. My family does too. And it was never a concern for me.

But then I grew up a little and saw hens getting transported in tiny little cages, all cramped up. I saw poor cows/buffaloes standing behind mini-trucks uncomfortable, in each others faces and looking miserable as hell . It was then that I understood they were all travelling to their deaths.

Childhood innocence had me thinking it was a city tour they were on.

aug_04_3052_cattle_transport (1)

Now, I know I am not someone who can plead for better treatment of animals. I eat them. And someone has to do the dirty work of getting it to my plate. I understand that. But the inhumanity in the proceedings makes me want to curse myself for being part of this atrocity. What is the need to be this way?

I know it is possible that none of the people who can make a difference in animal slaughtering laws are reading this plea, but I have to put it out there. Someone, please do something about the way these animals are treated. I mean, I know you’re taking them away to kill them, but how hard can it be to treat them with little humanity? You don’t really have to take 10 cows in one small truck now, do you? And you don’t really have to tie them up like this with them not even being able to keep their head held normal?

But then again, there are farms which keep their animals safe and make the end for them as humane as possible. I hope such farms grow larger in number. And for that we need to make sure that the meat we buy are from those “good people” farms. Please guys, if you are like me and cannot do away with non-vegetarian, at least make sure you get your food from places who do not treat their animals badly. A little research (into the clean farms) and lifestyle change from our side can go a long way.

I love animals, but I can’t help but hurt them. But I’ll try.

There,that’s an addition to my list of hypocritical activities. (Yes, there’s a list. I’ll tell you in another post.)

Love 🙂

P. S. Sorry if this post has been all over the place. I was on Google going through something and came across some evil animal husbandry photographs. I couldn’t help but think how sad their lives must be, being used for something or the other all their life and then in the end getting killed for their flesh. It actually is sad, if you think about it.

Thanks for reading. Comment, like and share!! And also please remember to support the good farms! ❤


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When I went to Paris, I wasn’t looking forward to see the Eiffel Tower. I was looking forward to climb up the tower and watch that view – the view I had only seen on my computer screen before, a view which I knew was going to change me forever. And it did. For several reasons.

While the tower signifies elegance and culture and love, the view from up above shows you a city full of life. A city which takes art to the next level, a city which is calm in spite of the busy streets and roads. It is a city I fell in love with. It was the city I couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye to. When I left Paris, I promised her that I would come back. To this day when someone asks me which city I want to visit again, I say Paris. Because there is so much more to see, so many more people to meet and so much more love to experience.

I had started writing another post on Paris yesterday when innocent people were killed in that beautiful city. People who did nothing, people who just wanted to see the city like I wanted to. Some were at a music concert. Some were at McDonalds. What did they all have in common? They decided to go out one fateful night.

Why did they have to die?

Because some people are so filled with hate that all they can do is take it out on others. Killing and inflicting pain is their only recourse. When did people start considering terrorism as a business? When did murderers start ruling states? When did a terrorist group become employers? What has the world come to?

This was going to be a completely different post. I was going to write about my stories of Paris – the things I saw there, what I felt on top of the Eiffel and how I longed to stay there for a month at least. And I had started writing it. But I couldn’t continue that post after first reports of the shooting started coming out. I stopped writing. Only this morning did I get a full idea of the tragedy at Paris. A post about the city’s wonders weren’t priority any more.

I kept thinking about how those people might have felt. Imagine just walking around a beautiful city at night and hearing gun shots and screams, imagine seeing blood everywhere. Imagine getting wounded. Or worse, seeing your loved ones getting wounded. What will you do? What can you do when terror is looking right at your face? Merciless terror.

And this is happening all over the world now. Everywhere, people are dying because some monsters feel it is their right to inflict torture on innocent lives because of whatever reasons. They then recruit others into their tiny gang of revenge mongers. Others sympathise with them, and the clan grows. Tell me this, if injustice is done to you, would you want to fight it like normal people, get over it with time, or kill some random people to get your “message” across? Those people’s lives aren’t anyone’s property to play with in the first place! It is their life. They must not have to be worried to get out of their houses for fear or guns and bombs.

I hear the ISIS is getting more and more people into their way of working. They have sympathisers all over the world. All over the world. Consider that for a moment.

Does this mean that if one day terrorists decide they want to take over the world, they could probably do it? That scares me.

It really does.

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The Orphan Category.

So last day I was rummaging through my drafts trying to look for this post I remember leaving half way (which I never found. #WordpressSteals?). And then I came across another post which I had abandoned. And that lead me on a quest through many many blog posts I had discarded midway but never deleted (coz I thought they would feel bad if I put them in the thrash.).

Anyway, during this search I found a category in my blog which I had completely forgotten about. And that is “The Travelling PAw“. There is one post over there which is my promise to write about my trip to Europe. This saddened me because I absolutely loooveee travelling and one of the reasons I started this blog was so I could inspire other people to travel and see the world. Also, if someone would like to be my travel partner, that would be nice 😛

Here is the blog post I wrote about travelling. Do read that if you haven’t already. 🙂

Thing is, I cannot promise that this category is going to be the liveliest in the blog for the sole reason that I am stuck at Uni right now and my travelling partners, my Super-Parents, are too far away from me. But, we have gone on some really cool trips in the past and I’ll try bringing it to you guys. I have some really cool trips planned for next year though, so that’ll be exciting.

Because of my lack of travelling currently, I might even think of adding some guest posts and re-blogs on this category because it is just about countries and cultures and getting your bottom off of your comfort zones.

Doesn’t always have to be me travelling now, does it?

In the comment below, tell me how your day has been, how your past weeks have been and maybe we can even have a discussion on what you had for dinner. I just want to talk. It has been a while since I came on here.

Love 🙂

P. S. My exams are all over. I am free. Finally!!

On second thoughts, I am not that free. Internship starts Monday. Yay. :/