The Orphan Category.

So last day I was rummaging through my drafts trying to look for this post I remember leaving half way (which I never found. #WordpressSteals?). And then I came across another post which I had abandoned. And that lead me on a quest through many many blog posts I had discarded midway but never deleted (coz I thought they would feel bad if I put them in the thrash.).

Anyway, during this search I found a category in my blog which I had completely forgotten about. And that is “The Travelling PAw“. There is one post over there which is my promise to write about my trip to Europe. This saddened me because I absolutely loooveee travelling and one of the reasons I started this blog was so I could inspire other people to travel and see the world. Also, if someone would like to be my travel partner, that would be nice 😛

Here is the blog post I wrote about travelling. Do read that if you haven’t already. 🙂

Thing is, I cannot promise that this category is going to be the liveliest in the blog for the sole reason that I am stuck at Uni right now and my travelling partners, my Super-Parents, are too far away from me. But, we have gone on some really cool trips in the past and I’ll try bringing it to you guys. I have some really cool trips planned for next year though, so that’ll be exciting.

Because of my lack of travelling currently, I might even think of adding some guest posts and re-blogs on this category because it is just about countries and cultures and getting your bottom off of your comfort zones.

Doesn’t always have to be me travelling now, does it?

In the comment below, tell me how your day has been, how your past weeks have been and maybe we can even have a discussion on what you had for dinner. I just want to talk. It has been a while since I came on here.

Love 🙂

P. S. My exams are all over. I am free. Finally!!

On second thoughts, I am not that free. Internship starts Monday. Yay. :/


3 thoughts on “The Orphan Category.

  1. Hello dear traveler! It was interesting to know your reasons to travel in your hyperlinked blog..:P..well, I could connect myself to few of those points you mentioned. Like, i realized how things (I could say how “I” change) change with changing places! Loved your whole experience with travels. Well I used to call myself as a traveler too, until i explored myself as an explorer..:D
    Well, all the very best for your Internship!


    1. Thanks a lot!!
      Well, I don’t think I can call myself an explorer just yet, actually. While I love travelling and experiencing new things, I stay within the a certain limit I draw for myself. I feel like an explorer has no limits, he/she has to be completely free, you know?
      Maybe with time I’ll be an explorer too. Who knows! 😛

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