The one thing I can never do.

I love animals. All animals – insects and birds and reptiles and fishes and micro-organisms and everything. Even those that scare me a little, like snakes, or dragons (Not the Game of Thrones ones. Them, I want as my cuddler pets 🙂 ).

I still love them. You can love the things that scare you. That’s some deep shit right there, by the way.

But, I can’t help but eat some of them. And I don’t know what to do about that. Problem is not that I don’t like vegetables. It’s that I like non-vegetarian stuff waaay too much. I hate thinking about the poor chicken’s face when I eat a burger. I can imagine a goat’s cute-ass face when I relish on a Biryani. But I can’t help it, I really really cant.

I have always been a non-vegetarian. I do not remember a time when I disliked or avoided a good chicken curry. I mean it doesn’t even have to be good. I’ll eat it if it’s got chicken in there. Forget chicken, I eat all sorts of meat. And sea food. My family does too. And it was never a concern for me.

But then I grew up a little and saw hens getting transported in tiny little cages, all cramped up. I saw poor cows/buffaloes standing behind mini-trucks uncomfortable, in each others faces and looking miserable as hell . It was then that I understood they were all travelling to their deaths.

Childhood innocence had me thinking it was a city tour they were on.

aug_04_3052_cattle_transport (1)

Now, I know I am not someone who can plead for better treatment of animals. I eat them. And someone has to do the dirty work of getting it to my plate. I understand that. But the inhumanity in the proceedings makes me want to curse myself for being part of this atrocity. What is the need to be this way?

I know it is possible that none of the people who can make a difference in animal slaughtering laws are reading this plea, but I have to put it out there. Someone, please do something about the way these animals are treated. I mean, I know you’re taking them away to kill them, but how hard can it be to treat them with little humanity? You don’t really have to take 10 cows in one small truck now, do you? And you don’t really have to tie them up like this with them not even being able to keep their head held normal?

But then again, there are farms which keep their animals safe and make the end for them as humane as possible. I hope such farms grow larger in number. And for that we need to make sure that the meat we buy are from those “good people” farms. Please guys, if you are like me and cannot do away with non-vegetarian, at least make sure you get your food from places who do not treat their animals badly. A little research (into the clean farms) and lifestyle change from our side can go a long way.

I love animals, but I can’t help but hurt them. But I’ll try.

There,that’s an addition to my list of hypocritical activities. (Yes, there’s a list. I’ll tell you in another post.)

Love 🙂

P. S. Sorry if this post has been all over the place. I was on Google going through something and came across some evil animal husbandry photographs. I couldn’t help but think how sad their lives must be, being used for something or the other all their life and then in the end getting killed for their flesh. It actually is sad, if you think about it.

Thanks for reading. Comment, like and share!! And also please remember to support the good farms! ❤


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2 thoughts on “The one thing I can never do.

    1. We don’t get Gardein products in India. Faux meats are not easily available in our stores either at least not where I live. But yes, I have looked into some of the other mock meats online and will be trying to make the transition really soon.
      Thanks a lot for your input. It helps. 🙂


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