Baby Time!

So, I have a new cousin now.

Well, he’s not exactly new, he’s been around for almost 6 months now and he is a sweetheart most of the times.

But, if you know me you also know that I am not much of a infant/baby/toddler/kid/young people person. I dislike (trying hard to not type ‘hate’ there) spending time with them (for eg: in flights) because you can’t reason with them and that irritates me. And most of them are brats. And they are touchy. And they don’t get humour. And they’re very fragile. And they are unreasonably loud. And very bad eating manners. And no good at conversations. And idiotic (for the most part).

Basically, I am not a fan.

But then, this little guy came along and I decided to keep my feelings aside and give the dude a chance. I met him in March and he seemed nice. Smiled at me and stuff, so I was happy.

Anyway, last week I actually got to spent time with him. I was made to babysit him and I realised how tough it is to look after a baby. I have always been that person who stood on the perimeter and scoffed at baby tantrums (yes, I am not a very nice person sometimes) but never took notice of how to care for a baby.

First things first, did you know they have a soft spot on their head? Like, there’s this region which is all soft, very unlike our hard heads. And then I remembered this!

Couldn’t agree more with ya, Robin!

So basically, you must be very  very very careful while holding them. Which brings me to the whole compulsion behind everyone wanting me to hold the baby. I am not someone who has hung out with many babies in my life and so I do not know how to hold a baby. This apparently is a big deal and everyone either mocks me for this or says I am useless. I don’t get it, why should everyone know how to hold a baby? He’ll learn to walk soon enough and be self-dependent. Meanwhile, let him acquaint with the floor.

Also, maybe if everyone didn’t walk around holding the baby, he’ll be more serious about getting it done and start walking on his own soon!

Then there’s the whole drool/pee/poo situation. The drools I sort of got used to because it wasn’t too nasty and fortunately no poo situations arose during my time with the baby. And the two times pee happened on my watch, my ninja impulses kicked in and I saved myself from the pee-flow area (it’s a boy baby we’re talking about here. His reach is pretty insane and I think I am the only person who is pee-free. Needless to say, I am very proud of my ninja skills.😎)

They cry a lot too. Hungry? Cry.

Tired? Cry.

Too hot? Cry.

Too many people around? Cry.

Bored? Cry.

Your elder sister accidentally hit you on your forehead with her giant front tooth? Cry.

Yeah, I may have left a small mark on my 6 month old cousin’s forehead. He thought I was the pillow and smashed his head on my face. It wasn’t fluffy. He cried a lot and I tweeted this.

I slept in another room so I  didn’t know this until later, but babies wake up crying every 2 hours to eat at night and his mom has to wake up with him and feed him and stuff. So basically, you don’t get to sleep much at all. Also, this one pees like once every 10 minutes too and the laundry is a giant load. Too many clothes for a tiny baby! And the detergent used is different so his laundry is done separate from the rest of us peasants. I mean, talk about high maintenance! I still don’t understand why people want to reproduce because honestly, it seems like a horrible responsibility.

Basically, babies are fun if you are someone who can sit around looking at a crawling, smiling, crying tiny person for hours and hours. There’s no conversation involved and most of your time is spent making sure the baby doesn’t try to kill/poison himself.

I don’t mind babysitting for an hour at one stretch and then I start getting restless. Maybe when he grows up a bit we’ll have more things in common because honestly I am not feeling his interest in the whole ‘lick and bite your own fingers and toes till they are covered in drool’ activity.

For now, I shall just observe from afar and try to keep my teeth to myself.

That is all.


me 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Baby Time!

  1. So this is interesting. Of course, there will be questions raised on your apparent hypocrisy but then, not everyone loves kids in the same way that not all women enjoy motherhood. We make ideals for everyone to follow but that’s not necessary.
    I loved the dry humour of this post and well, wait till you have your own kids (or puppies 😀 )

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