Do you LOL?

Before we go on with this, LOL is Laughing out Loud; not Lots of Love. Since we are on it, WTF is What The Fuck; not Welcome To Facebook.

Now that that’s clear, let’s get on with my story.

Sometime back I was chatting with this guy and he kept typing a lot of “lol”s. Now I am not one to curtail anyone’s right to LOL, but I was curious. Was this guy really loling (which meant I am very funny), or was he just typing it? I asked him whether people actually LOLed when they typed lol after almost every sentence. He said that people usually type lol when they “smile slightly”.

I’ll take “slight smile” to this face any day TBH.

This got me thinking. How many times have we typed stuff and not actually mean it? I mean, a LOL is unimportant in the grand scheme of things; but certain other things aren’t. I confess to typing things I do not mean hella lot of times.

Firstly let’s talk about all those elaborate plans we make on chat with our friends which we sort of know are never going to happen. I mean, if I had actually gone ahead with every plan I made on chat with a friend I would have seen the whole world by now. Some of these plans are just random “let’s get drunk tonight” and me typing “yes yes. For sure!” knowing that is not an option on a weekday. Then there’s the biggest lie of all times, “hey, we should really catch up sometime!”. Never has that statement actually transpired into real life meeting and catching up. Usually it just ends with catching up over text and that’s it.

There are also those numerous times you send complimentary over texts, not meaning it. Now, I don’t actually do this but I know tons of people who send “congrats” and “that profile photo is sooooo pretty!!!!” and “dude you rocked today’s presentation man!” for no reason other than to just be on good terms with others. Nothing wrong in lifting another person’s spirits up; but don’t blatantly lie maybe?

Oh, and do you guys do this? You’re in a WhatsApp group with a few of your friends but there’s this one person none of you really like so you make a whole another group with the same people except that person you don’t like. I feel like that point sort of defines the beginning of end of your friendship with that person. It has nothing to do with lying on chat, but I just want to know if I am the only person who’s done this.😬

Anyway, from LOLing to outright lies, things aren’t looking too good on my chat scenes at least. If you know me IRL, please still be friends with me :/



hoping-I’ll-still-have-friends-after-this, me:)


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24 thoughts on “Do you LOL?

  1. So damn true. I hate people who chat ‘Hypocritical’. Especially when they say “Superb DP”, but actually inside they are biting your nose off with jealousy. And this damn LOL. It truly means “Slight Smile”. I am very careful with my comments. I write LOL only when the joke rocks me! This whole new Internet Dictionary has spoilt the English language.

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    1. I know right! I’ve never understand this whole lol scene. For one thing, lol ends conversations for me. I never know what to say after someone says lol. And then for another I cannot imagine someone laughing and then typing lol. Whatever happens to the good old “hahahaha!!”? :/

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  2. Some idiots type ‘lol’ after typing something offensive hoping that the ‘lol’would sugar coat it like BRUH. This just gave me a super cool idea for a new post….well, damn. Thanks PAw 😛

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      1. Well, I’ve written down the idea…got to get to the post soon!
        And its ok! Even I’m super busy, trying to finish this sem in peace and without any violent murders. Take your time 🙂


  3. The post I really had in mind to write on! I seriously dislike when people use LOL! After every sent. Wonder what makes them use it so much when the situation is so uncalled for? Nice blog post
    – sarojavasanth

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