I Moved! || Mumbai Tales

So as it turns out you can’t forever stay in college and get your parents to pay for your shit. There is this thing apparently where you need to become financially independent (read: be broke AF), acquire this thing called a job (read: slavery, but you get paid and that’s nice), acquaint yourself with new levels of stress (from work people, autowaala bhaiyyas, neigbourhood aunties/uncles, relatives who think its shaadi time etc.) and become what everyone calls an “adult”. This package also includes this special, mindblowing-ly amazing process called getting a roof over your head which in my case basically meant walking around the streets of Bombay looking for a flat which did not collapse on me or suffocate me with moth/fungus covered walls.

Oh yes, I moved to Bombay/Mumbai (I want to say recently, but it’s been a year and a month now πŸ˜€ ). For the above mentioned job/adulting requirements I decided the city of Bombay would be a good start.

So I packed my bags and moved.

Obviously, the transition has been nothing less than utter disaster, involving:

  1. many amazing weeks of sleeping in the living room of a friend’s apartment,
  2. shifting to the dining room of a complete stranger’s apartment,
  3. sharing bed with some random person who never spoke to me (except the time she said she was found a donor and was leaving to get a kidney transplant done; yes, that happened),
  4. upgrading into the same stranger’s coffin sized bed room from the dining room,
  5. getting suffocated in the coffin (and deciding I was too young to die),
  6. running away and finding space in a girls’ hostel,
  7. realizing the hostel life isn’t fit for someone like moi and going house hunting again,
  8. seriously contemplating constructing a cardboard fort to live in,
  9. finding an actual decent place only having to move again in a few months,
  10. going through the stress of house hunting again, only this time accompanied by brokers who told me I had unrealistic housing expectations,
  11. proving them all wrong and
  12. finally, FINALLY discovering a good, cute apartment where me and my soul have found peace at.

Needless to say, the last one year and a month has been nothing short of incredulous and me waking up every morning thinking WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS BOMBAY?

Job has been kind though, I like what I do so that’s been good.

Everyone who moved around the time I shifted to Bombay has now left Bombay or shifted away to places around Bombay that I cannot spot on a map, so I spend a lot of time working or chilling with the one or two people whose face I actually like looking at over the weekends ❀

In other news, I have become completely anti-social and the naive, pure, friendly, college student PAw has turned into that person who exclusively only uses the black heart emoji to show affection.

In yet another news, I still do not have the happiness of cuddling a doggo yet, so that hole in my heart is still going strong. 😦

In news number 3, I went travelling to Czech Republic last month; expect a blog post on that soon. There are more travels planned for this year, updates will be here.

In news numero cuatro, I still have not learnt Spanish properly, so I had to google the spelling of cuatro. Yo no hablo espaΓ±ol. Namaste. (for the Spanish illiterates, I just said that: I do not speak Spanish)

Another no hablo for Yo is Marathi, and if you know Marathi in Mumbai you basically rule the rickshawallas’ circle and they don’t shout at you unnecessarily. I believe I have mastered Hindi by now, but the people don’t agree.

So yeah, that’s that. You are all caught up on the last one year and a month of my life.




Photo Credit: https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-illustration-girl-walking-hobo-stick-illustration-over-her-shoulder-image78564909


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