You know those 3 AM thoughts you get? Those thoughts which are soo effin’ deep that you amaze yourself with the splendidness of your mind? And then you think a little more about the wonder that is your brain and mind and soul and body and then eventually about the fragility of it all? It all ends with the impending doom that we, as living organisms are bound to get to.

Yeah, those thoughts.

This blog has no record of any of those thoughts.

However, TheSpeakingPAw was one such 3 AM thought.I remember sitting at the dining table at my parents place late one night, with an early morning flight to catch, thinking that what I needed to do at that point in life was to start a blog. And I did it too. At that point I just didn’t know I had soo much to tell the world, but one post lead to another and here I am many many months later, still typing away and calling myself the PAwLady.

So, who am I?

I am a random girl. I possess no extraordinary talent I am proud of, except if you call bursting eggs in the microwave or binge watching TV Shows talent. I have an inordinate amount of love for dogs, nothing against cats or any other animal in existence (or dead), but dogs speak to me on a spiritual level. My prayer to the universe is to allow me to make puppies in my uterus. And then I thought about the mechanics of it and totally grossed myself out.

Anyway, welcome to TheSpeakingPaw, my blog, where I write the things I am thinking about. It is mostly stuff you can live without knowing or reading, but what the hell! Read them anyway, help a sister out!

For your ease I have them all categorised, you see. I know what you are thinking; yes, I am efficient. You can browse on categories like The PAw In Real Life where it’s just me and the things in my day to day life; then there’s the The PAw’s Thoughts which is the more serious things, things I believe in and causes I care about; there’s also The Travelling PAw which is what this blog was originally supposed to be – a diary of my travels, I don’t write much there for some reason, but I intend to soon. I promise. I then have the Looking Back Series which is me reminiscing about life and understanding how I became the person I am today. My inspirations in life are under The PAw’s Inspiration. The number of posts in there are less not because I have few inspirations but because writing about them makes me feel some type of ways so I can never complete those posts. I also re-blog other people’s superstar works, and they are under The PAw Reblogs.

Now that you know what to find where, jump in, read all you like, and please, please let me know what you think. I love hearing from each and every one of you who read my stuff.

You can comment under the posts, or email me at





Well, then, I hope you read this and fall in love with my writing and tell me about it and we become besties.

Or you read this and think I deserve to go to hell for all this trash and tell me about it and we high-five and become sorta besties. We’ll see.

But let me know what you think.

Thank you for deciding to spend time reading about a stranger,





Oh, my name is Meenakshi, btw. I live in India and am a law student. Not that it matters, but still.


Why is the ‘A’ in PAw capital? I don’t know but that’s how we roll here, just go with it.

Peace \m/


19 thoughts on “Who am I and what’s all this about?

  1. Meenakshi, I don’t know how I missed reading this section…or have I? I really don’t know. I don’t really know what to say (post reading this)…but would like to meet you some day, you’re some girl, aren’t you!?
    You’re funny, witty, and a little different..good different..I like that 🙂
    – Savio (I’m here to stay)…on you’re virtual space that is. Have a wonderful sunday ahead. God Bless

    Liked by 1 person

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