Global Citizen Festival, India || Time Spent In Series

Sooo, I went for the Global Citizen Festival. You know, the thing that is being called the Coldplay concert (and for good reason too. Coldplay is basically heaven’s little Angels performing on Earth). I have been wanting to go since Google’s Twitter account posted this in August:

Everyone was suddenly the biggest fan of the band and I knew getting tickets was going to be an issue. The good tickets (cheap ones of course. Imma no pay 20k for anything) sold-out in seconds. Months passed, and after a “my friend’s friend has a ticket if you pay 7.5k” deal failed a week left to the event, I sort of started being sad. Hope not lost; but sad.

But then the nigh before the event, about 24 hours before Coldplay performed, I got myself a complimentary pass (good hearted people do exist amongst us). It was a whole universe-conspiring-with-me-to-make-it happen sort of situation 💖

I have come back home from the Festival and I have no photos of the event. I would like to tell the world that I made that decision so I could enjoy the show through my own eyes and not through my mobile screen but it was actually mostly because I wanted to save charge on my phone (portable chargers weren’t allowed inside). Phone or no phone, I noticed some real good stuff while I was there, so here goes:

  • Is it me or is Arijit Singh like really cute?

It is not the first time I noticed this, but it sure is the first time I say this out loud. I might have a tiny crush there. He looked soo bloody cute with his curly hair and glasses. The good music adds to the cuteness too.😬

  • Missed Opportunities

Shah Rukh Khan comes on stage to introduce Rahman and he says that anyone who can sing the Malayalam bit in “Jiya Jale” gets to dance with Rahman on stage. I could’ve made history up there on stage had SRK heard me screaming out the Malayalam lyrics. Problems of not having a Gold/Higher Zone pass, I tell you:'(

  • Rahman Rocks (Obviously!); BUT his bassist is a QUEEN!

Firstly, Rahman’s bassist looks like a badass. Then her performance proves she is a real badass. Her hair is literal #Goals. There was a point when Rahman smiled at her and there was soo much pride there. Imagine being soo talented that you invoke pride in Rahman!

Remember that crush I had on Arijit Singh? Yeah, that totally changed and I now have started crushing on her. Such a rockstar ❤

The bassist is a rockstar and then Rahman sings effing “Humma Humma” in effing Tamil at Global Citizen Festival. The hindi-speakers looked confused AF but everyone jumped into jam with him the minute the chorus came up. I made up the entire Tamil lyrics to show off my “skills”, but who cares!

  • Bachchan’s Style

Farhan Akhtar called Amitabh Bachchan to perform with him and while the performance was amazing, I couldn’t help but wonder where I could buy his poncho-kurta thingy from. It was white and comfy and very very stud looking.

I want :/
  • Mandela Effect

Whenever people crowd around, there’s always a truck load of BS around and I specialize in overhearing them. So Vivek Oberoi and Nelson Mandela’s grandson comes on stage for their talk and this girl next to me legit thinks that he is Jay Z. Her friends try to correct her but she wouldn’t listen to them. Finally, after a 15 minute debate, everyone gave up on her and she was convinced that she was right and all her friends were wrong. Mr. Mandela even said something about his grandfather but the debators missed it. I have no idea how I kept a straight face through the whole thing. I tried looking for her when JayZ finally came up on stage but couldn’t find her.

  • JayZ though🤘🤘

Needless to say, the actual Jay Z was nothing like Mr. Mandela. The dude is sooo cool, you instantly feel 10x cooler from just watching him perform. I don’t know much of his music to be honest, but the dude rapped to Chayya Chayya and Mundian To Bach Ke and I was dancing to him like a maniac. Seriously, he made the crowd go CRRRRAZYY.

  • Modi’s Musings

So Modi couldn’t make it to the event so he video conferenced with the 80,000 of us. He wasn’t bad either. He really tried to get on to the young crowd’s wavelength. Cute he was, quoting Bob Dylan and making that little joke about de-monetisation. I just wanted to go give him a hug after the VC<3

  • Who dem girls?

So now after Modi VC’d, everyone expected Coldplay to jump on to the stage and start Paradise or something, but none of that happened. Instead, these two very random girls (who were very hot, so the complaints were minimal) came up on stage and started turning some knobs on their DJ-board-thingy. They were pretty boring if you ask me but mostly so because everyone wanted Coldplay to come on stage. They didn’t really get a fair chance but whoever thought it was a good idea to let them open for Coldplay was clearly delusional.

  • Finally, COLDPLAY happened.🌞👑

I had been waiting for this moment since August and when it finally happened and I heard Chris Martin’s voice flood the grounds, I started laughing out loud. It felt surreal; it felt heavenly. I cannot explain the emotions or the feeling, but every Coldplay fan present there would know what I mean when I say that nothing felt more right than being there at that moment. They played all the crowd favorites, they played some of the old songs for the die-hard fans and they put everything into the performance. Tears were involved, but my heart was super happy and grateful to have experienced them – their first ever concert in India.

Also, Rahman came on stage and Chris and he sang Maa Tujhe Salaam together. Goosebumps on goosebumps happened. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how Chris totally learned the lyrics while Rahman was performing on stage and decided to wing it? And how he randomly sang Channa Mereya (Must have heard Arijit rehearsing it or something). Such a beautiful soul he has ❤

All in all, the Festival was AMAZING. There was soo much talent, passion and positivity around. People were standing in huge crowds under the blazing sun, sweating and dehydrated (because the lines for water, which the organisers made free (Thank you!), were humongous) but still dancing and singing and cheering for the performers on stage.

Oh, and people who pushed through the rest of us to get to the front without even saying “excuse me”, yeah, you’re all going to hell.

But you know who aren’t going to hell? The nice people who actually did/do good work for the Global Citizen Initiative. I do believe that we are the generation which can end poverty and if you are interested or care, even a tiny bit, about things other than yourself, then please check this out.

Standing in a long line  to get some drinking water or go to the loo was bloody hard, even though I had to do it just the one time. Imagine those people who cannot just open a tap and get fresh water or have the luxury of private washrooms. It sucks.

Coldplay really was the highlight of this mega event, but it is not just about them or the many other performances. All said and done, this is a much bigger cause so please check the site out, do what you can and pledge to be global citizens 🙏

 Oh, and btw, after the Festival I tottally got lost and this random stranger (sent by my relatives whom my dad called in a final attempt to save me) had to come pick me up and drop me home. I forgot the stranger’s name but he has my blessings. I won’t lie, I freaked the heck out when I couldn’t find transportation home. 

But all that was TOTS worth it so imma end this post now.



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Going Back to the house I grew up in.

I remember the day my parents told me we were moving. I was at my grandma’s place I think, and they told me over the phone that my mom got a transfer at work. This meant that we would have to move. Move to a place where I would have to get in to a new school, go away from my friends most of whom I had known for 12 years, even more. Move away from the home I grew up in. And slowly, I realised that it was the home I was going to miss. People, you can meet anywhere. The home would be sold and new people, strangers would move in. It will not be my home any more. I didn’t cry at the thought, but I was devastated.

So while my parents were looking for a new place to  stay in, I devised plans to make them change their decision about selling our home. None of them worked, of course and we moved.

2 weeks back, after about 6 years I went back to the house. The house I grew up in.

I was waiting to feel all the feels come in. I expected tears, I expected sorrow for weeks, I saw myself sitting in the huge hall of the house just thinking about the times we lived there.

The truth was hella different, actually.

As my dad was driving us to the house, I couldn’t help but realise how tiny the town was. I couldn’t help but notice how small the roads were and I was sort of scared that our car would lose control and we’d fall into the deep canal  on the side of the road. I felt people staring at me and that was uncomfortable.  Imagine not feeling comfortable in a place you called home for 14 years.

And then we reached the house and it looked very different from when I lived there. Things had changed, the new people had renovated our garden, our car porch. There was a new larger house next to mine and it shadowed the house.

I did not like it.

Then, we went in. The people we sold it to had leased the house to someone we know and they had invited us to visit them and have a look at the house. I was thrilled to see the house but I was more thrilled to relive my childhood -that big house I remembered was the background of majority of my memories.

But only, it wasn’t that big. It was small. Much,much smaller than the one in my memory.

The big hall where I wanted to sit and think about the past was as big as my current room. The tiles were a horrible brownish something colour, the cupboards looked ancient and there were multiple termite mounds in the house. Not huge ones of course, I would have run away had that been the case. But still, I did not feel the feels I should have felt. Or rather, was expecting to feel.

My room, the room where I spent time studying and reading and sleeping looked odd. For one thing, it was painted pink. I do not enjoy pink rooms. Secondly, there were teddy bears hanging from the ceiling and every corner of my that room. I could almost imagine them coming to life at night and sucking my blood or and tearing my kidneys out. Not cool.

The kitchen, where I sat on the slab and ate bad food (I didn’t like my mom’s cooking when I stayed with my parents. Now, since I have moved, I want it everyday. Such is life.) looked tiny and when I tried to sit on the slab to reminisce, my head hit the overhead drawer – I have become taller.

Everything was wrong. I felt horrible and a little guilty for not feeling a certain way after going to a place which meant a lot to me in the past. I was all ready to leave. But then I came out and saw this tiny area on the wall outside which had black spots on white paint. And then the feels came.

You see, we had many dogs when we lived in the house and one of them, Julie, lived the longest and was the most beautiful and intelligent non-human I have ever met in my life. (To this day I have a theory that Julie was actually a proper human being. She was soo lady-like! More like an elder sister to me, I’ll say.)

Julie and one of the 9 pups she gave birth to. Ignore the other being. That’s me and I do not want to talk about it.


Julie was a Dalmatian and so we painted her cage in colours of her coat. The new owners had taken down the cage but one of the walls of the cage remained, and that still had the colours on it.



And it hit me then. It wasn’t my home or  school or friends I missed. It was the homeliness that I missed. The happiness of coming back from school and patting my dog, lazing around in the couch until my parents came home, eating all the junk food and leading a pretty easy life. The house obviously played a very important part in the growing up thing but what played a more important role was the bond I had – with my parents and my dogs. The small, cosy, comfortable home is what was amiss. But then again, the bond never changed.

Everything else has been substituted in the years – the friends have changed, my room, my clothes, my habits, my lifestyle, the way I think and speak – everything has changed except that bond.

It was because of this reason that going back to the house didn’t sadden me. Because it is just a house to me now. My home is elsewhere and the only thing I don’t have now that I did back then are my dogs and especially Julie. She really was the best ❤

So, keep the bonds alive. At the end of the day, everything else is going to change except the love you have in your life. And if that is in place, no other change will matter.





Looking Back – T. V. Shows Edition

Remember the old Looking Back edition? I started it with many ideas in mind but then completely forgot all of them (I should get like a diary or something and write down the ideas)! So, the last post on the Looking Back series was the Profession Edition. Today, I decided to go with my favourite T. V. Shows from the past.

You know how people reminisce about their childhood and go like… “wow.. I miss those days when I used to do all the school work after class and did not worry as much as I do now” and others go all…”remember those days when we would come back from school and then go out and play with our friends till our parents had to come and physically dragged us back home”??

I have no such recollection about my childhood.

Probably because I did none of that.

I remember running back home from school because I did not want to be late for Hannah Montana. You do not want to miss the beginning of the episode and most definitely not want to miss the opening theme song!

At this point I would also like to let you all know that I used to perform to the song. Full on rockstar mode performance, that is. I also tried to learn the names of bones in the human body with the Bone song. I learned only the chorus of the song though coz my syllabus at school did not include bone names and I decided that was a waste of time. #SuchGoodDecisions! 😛

Anyway, Hannah Montana was not the only T. V. show I was completely addicted to. There was this show called Drake and Josh on Nickelodeon I absolutely loved. Needless to say, I hugely crushed on one of the main stars, Drake Bell. He was in a band, had this stylish haircut, said ‘cool guy’ stuff and had #swag. What was a teenage girl to do when she saw a guy like that?! 😛 (And then puberty hit the other main actor Josh Peck, he pulled a Longbottom* and became much hotter than Drake Bell. Talk about crushing on wrong people!)

*Of course, I am referring to Mr. Matthew Lewis, the actor who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter series. Did you guys see that man grow up?? :O For the uninformed, here’s Matthew Lewis’s Instagram page. You’re welcome.

Moving on, there were many other T. V. shows I watched during my teenage times. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Wizards of Waverly Place, Scooby, Dexter, Powerpuff Girls (Yes, I watched it as a teenager also.), SpongeBob etc are the ones I remember watching. I truly believe that these shows changed me as a person.

I lived in a tiny little town back in those days. There was very little exposure there and my life revolved around school and home. Internet was a new trend and I hadn’t completely grasped its powers yet. Worst part was, even at school they never taught me anything life changing. You know, the kind of things that makes you want to go home and read up about or the things that made you want to revolt against. The life outside of the 5 kilometre radius of my home was alien to me. Had that life continued, I would have been a pretty boring person with no opinions, skills or life goals.

These T.V. shows basically gave me a new perspective in life and opened me up to a world outside. A world which was linguistically different and culturally contrasting with a lifestyle so distinct from mine. I wasn’t able to comprehend the shows in the beginning because I was alien to that world. I am not saying that life is exactly like they show on TV. But for me America and Europe were drawings on the map at school. These shows made me realize that people lived there. Like actual people, with actual lives. I don’t think I can explain it very well.

This might all seem silly to you guys but I am a very different person today. I am pretty good at communicating with people, even in discussions outside of my comfort zones. I love people irrespective of their caste, race, skin colour or lifestyle choices. I know about the world – not just the ones I want to travel to, but even the ones less talked about. I sympathise with the Syrian refugees, I try to read and understand the Greek crisis. Why? Because today I realise that real people live there too. What made me realise that? The made-up world of T. V. shows.

Was I that ignorant about life outside my town back in those days? Sadly, yes.

There are a lot of other things too that changed my life and made me who I am today. However, had it not been for those silly little shows, I would probably be still living in a very confined bubble. A bubble where I never thought about gay rights, animal abuse, women empowerment or even about travelling the world!

—-At this point in the post I went back and read the whole thing and realised that this has become too serious and the Looking Back Series ain’t about serious stuff. And then I had a writer’s block for a few days while this post stayed in the drafts. For some reason I had to share this piece of info—-

Anyway, there were more T.V. Shows I used to watch back then but I cannot remember them. I blame age  for the memory loss :/ #StillNotOverTheFactThatIAm21

Somewhere during my teenage years I started watching this miracle series called Friends and life has not been the same since. That show is bloody brilliance, isn’t it? I must have rewatched the whole series like 37 times now. I still laugh at the jokes. Like out loud; not even kidding.

Sorry if this post has been less funny and more serious stuff. I feel like I have only been writing serious stuff off late. I don’t want this blog to be too serious though. So comment here or tweet me some ideas for the blog. What type of posts do you want here? Lemme know, okay?

As a parting note, I will leave you guys with this Buzzfeed article on some child stars who Longbottomed in to adult life. Maybe we all can still hope of getting better looks wise 😛


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Looking Back – Profession Edition.

When I was young, I wanted to be a lot of things. I mean, work wise. As in the “when I grow up I want to be…” thing. I remember wanting to be a teacher for the longest time. That was back when we all loved our teachers and thought they were the coolest beings on Earth. They had all the crayons and drawing papers with them; of course, they were cool! It was probably also because back then they gave less home work and did not make you want to kill yourself. Aah, how college changes you!

Anyway, later I decided that being a teacher was boring and I tried to look beyond that profession. After many phases of life which saw me wanting to be a doctor (although I run at the sight of a needle), a software engineer (I did not know what the profession was about. It sounded cool.), a chef (cooking and burnt food are synonymous for me.) and even a clothing/shoe store sales girl (which to this day I want to become), I decided to become a pilot. This decision happened somewhere around my 10th Grade which meant that everyone around me kept asking what I wanted to become when I “grew up”. I happily told them that my dream was to fly some aeroplanes. The aunty who used to cut my hair back then still complains that I did not keep my word of giving her a free ride when I fly the craft myself. Poor Aunty!

Anyway, 10th Standard happened and I passed all my subjects with top grades #NerdAlert. Since flying flights was the dream, I took the science stream with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Programming (C++ still gives me the chills. The bad kind). It was during my years of learning Physics in Higher Secondary classes that I learned how dumb I am. Don’t get me wrong, I am not entirely stupid but I was surely not going to become a pilot. That was a #RealityCheck .

I was okay with that though. When all my school mates sat studying for their Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations, I told everyone that I was going to take up a Bachelor’s degree in English. I still remember the look of utter astonishment on my Chemistry Sir’s face when I told him I wasn’t going to waste my time writing an Entrance Examination for Engineering because “I didn’t feel like it”. He complained to my mom at the open house that I was wasting my life. We still laugh about the scandalous look on my teacher’s face when my mom did not reciprocate his feelings!

Later on during the holidays, my friend called me up and asked if I would be kind enough to accompany her to a Law Entrance Coaching class. I was bored, mom said go, my friend needed me. So I said okay. And that’s when things changed. I sat in the class and for the first time ever I was learning something I could use in my daily life. There were no alphabets in Mathematics, no chemical equations I would never need in my life, no theory about Torque that made me want to cry. I learned what my rights were, I learned how to argue like a lady (and not bite off someone’s head if they disagreed with my opinions) and most importantly, I started learning about the world.

The people I came across in the class were more or less my type of people and some time during the entrance coaching class I decided I wanted to learn law. So, I did. 🙂

It was not that easy to get into the college I study in. Hell, it was one of the hardest process I went through. But it has also been one of the best decisions of my life. That story, however, is for another day.

Today, I am learning law. I write blogs. I have plans to travel the world. I am still working on trying my hand at being a sales girl. I do not know where I am going, profession wise; but I am patient. I really wish I could grow up and become a dog, though. That would be one cool life! 😛

In the comments below tell me what you want to become you “grow up”. If you think you are a grown up already, tell me if the plans you made as a kid came true. Also, follow my blog, like the post if you think it’s good. Share it with your friends by copy-pasting the link in the address bar to your social media sites.Thanks for reading! Love 🙂

P.S.: Remember to look back at your life and smile. If there is nothing smile-worthy there, don’t look back. The road ahead is sure going to be much more fun. #OptimismRules

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Looking Back.


I have been writing here for a while now and recently I decided that I am going to take this thing seriously. Which means that I am going to write more frequently and not write just when I see a video on which I had things to talk about. I am getting followers and I feel like I must create good content for them to read. See how much I care? ❤

So I am starting a new series of articles. The first is called the ‘Looking Back’ series.

The Looking Back series is basically me turning back time and writing about my 20 years on Earth. Well, maybe not the whole 20 years. I have no idea what happened in the first 6-7 years of my life. But if you guys want me to talk about those times, I’ll ask my parents and write about those years too. #BestBlogger 😀

Anyway, the first article on Looking Back will be up tomorrow. Do read and comment and say nice things to me.

In the comments section below, let me know what sort of things about my past you’d like to know. That will help me from having to think too much for a topic. I do not enjoy thinking too much.  😛

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