Totally Alone.

There are times in our lives when we feel alone. Totally alone. Like there is nothing else, or no one else around who cares about us, who wants to talk to us, who thinks about us or wants to just spend time with us. Those times are really dark.  For some people it might just be a five minute period. For some others these dark times continue for longer periods – days, weeks, months or even years. Imagine the trauma of living like that. Feeling lonely even in a room with 50 people, feeling lonely crossing the street with 10 others, feeling lonely even when a friendly dog licks your face and wags her tail in happiness. That feels awful.

However, is that actually true? Can anyone be completely lonely in life?

Just about 5 minutes ago I heard a speech which made me realize that ordinary people cannot complain about being lonely, ever. No matter what happens in life – a bad breakup or even the tragic death of a loved one. That is no reason to feel lonely. Want to know why? Read this.

Martin Pistorius was a healthy little child until the age of 12. Then a brain infection led him to get to a stage where all he could do was just be a “vegetable”. His parents were advised to take him home and keep him comfortable until he died. However, this “brain dead” child slowly started regaining awareness. His mental abilities started growing and he began to understand what happened around him. But he couldn’t communicate. The commands he gave his body were not received. The result? He became a vegetable who understood what happened around him. An invisible being who was nothing short of me, or you mentally. Imagine if this happened to you. Everyone around you thinks you are part of the bed, that you cant think or comprehend anything. But you are not. You want to tell them that, you want to tell everyone that you can understand them, that you can see and analyse their actions. But you cant. All you can do is just stare blindly at them.

That is loneliness.

Just you, your mind and your body. All stuck together, all fighting a world which wouldn’t take cognizance of your existence. For them you are an invisible ghost. Or you are as insignificant as a piece of furniture. But you are not. But that doesn’t matter to the world. That, is loneliness.

Martin’s condition went on for a decade during which he was abused physically, verbally and sexually by the people who were supposed to take care of him. He was shocked, he  wanted to cry, he wanted to fight, he felt worthless, he wanted to scream for his parents. But he couldn’t do any of that. There was even one time of acute despair and desperation when his own mother turned to him and asked him to die. What he felt was compassion for his mother.

What made this young man keep going on in life was one little smile from a stranger once when he was out with his father one day. That connection to humanity kept his soul awake. He wanted to live.

It was one woman’s intuition that saved this man’s life. This smart lady who used to come to the care home was convinced that he could understand the things happening around him. Tests were done and in an year’s time, he was using a computer to talk to people. Eventually more progress happened and soon the man was finally freed to the world. He could be “normal” again.

Today, Martin Pistorius is a husband, a freelance web designer,  a famous author, a friend, a brother, a business owner and a lot of other things.

Communication. It really is one of the most powerful skills bestowed on human beings. If we can communicate, we really cannot be lonely. There are other things in the world much important than those people who did not find it worth their time to be with you when you needed them. If you did not find place in their “busy” schedule, then you must not try to be part of it. If there is a gaping hole in your heart, fix it, don’t dwell on it. Talk to the world. Because trust me, the world will want to hear you. Not everyone, but someone is bound to be out there who wants to hear your words. Someone out there will have gone through the troubles you are going through. They will help.

Never be trapped in your own body unless you are forced to. That is what I take away from Martin’s life. Even after being in a world of abuse and loneliness, if that man could find it in him to rise above all that and make a mark in the world, so can you. Now, I am not comparing one person’s life with that of another. Everyone’s lives are their own little personal hell sometimes. All I am trying to say is that you can ask for help. You can open your mouth and ask someone to help you get out of the dark space you are in. The journey could be tough, but it will be worth it in the end. Life really is too special to spend in sadness. We are all soo precious! Try,; just try to make a change. It will happen.

Watch Martin’s video here. I love this man.

If you are on Twitter, go tell him how awesome he is. Here is the link.

If you ever feel lonely, come over here and talk to me. I might not understand your troubles, but I’ll try to help. Promise 🙂

P. S. Mr. Pistorius just favourite-d and replied to my tweets. So basically, we are now BFFs. #LifeGoals #SquadGoals 😛 😀

#BFFs. :P
#BFFs. 😛

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Why iiSuperwomanii is the BOSS.

YouTube is one of my favourite past times. I adore the idea that some people can sit in their bedrooms and be able to impact the lives of thousands of people from all around the world. There are many YouTubers I love but the top love of my life will always be iiSuperwomanii. She’s BAE.

iiSuperwomanii or Lilly Singh is a Canadian unicorn who considers it her purpose in life to make people happy. She loves her job as the mother of unicorns and enjoys hugging Team Super, her fan following. She makes videos twice a week and has a second channel where she posts daily vlogs of her life. And that means eating Chipotle (Kidding! :P). Recently she went on a world tour and took everyone on a trip to unicorn island. That’s where she lives. 🙂

To just say that she is talented would be an understatement. The woman can dance, sing, rap, make others laugh and be super awesome all day long. She also has sad days and the best part is, she shows us how to rise above those bad days. It isn’t easy, but it isn’t un-doable either.

Watch some of her songs here. Leh is probably my most favourite.

Her videos are damn funny. Check em out here.

She is friends with the ROCK too. And Kunal Nayyar from the Big Bang Theory. And Jay Sean.

The reason why she is the boss is because the woman has the sort of passion I wish everyone in the world had. It does not matter what you want to do in your life – maybe it is to travel to Pluto or maybe it is to be president or maybe it is to just be happy in life. Lilly’s life is an example that you can be whatever and whoever you want to be as long as you are passionate about it and work for it. You can whine about how much work you have, you can complain too. But that must not be the only thing you do. Whine, complain and cry a bit. Then buck up and get to work.

Happiness, Unicorns, One Love, Self-Respect, Passion, Hard Work, Creativity. These words define Lilly. The ever empowering, role model for the millions following her 🙂

Also, dat hair doe. ❤

Mr. Kalam.

He was and will always be the man whose words make me want to get out of bed and do whatever I wanted to do with my life. More than his words, his life has motivated us. There was a time when everyone wanted to be an aerospace scientist because Kalam’s book had inspired them. The greatest man of our time, the biggest motivation to the youth and the above all, a simple down to Earth man. A god-like human being.

I remember the time he came to the school I was studying in. He was then the President of India. There were these black cats all around our school grounds and we had all been a little frightened at the security details that morning. It was tough to get in, the sun was too hot and the wait seemed endless. But when Dr. Kalam started speaking everything changed. The long wait was completely worth a half hour of his speech. That was the first time someone inspired me.

Dr. Kalam, you will always be remembered. Not just by me, but by everyone who has had the honour of knowing you. Thank you for being in our lives. We love you.