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I noticed something in the past few months during my interaction with the world. Everybody seems to want to know what my vices are. Very honestly the first time someone asked me what my vices were, I had to google what “vices” meant (Yeah, I didn’t know. It’s no big deal).

Vocabulary lessons for the uninitiated.

So vices are basically your bad habits. And apparently the good old “I bite my nails” or “I don’t wash my hair everyday” don’t count. Vices are worse things, apparently.

Everybody I meet seem to want to put horrible ass shitz into their body.  The list starts from coffee (which is only a hug from the heaven lets be honest) and passes through alcohol and cigarettes and end in chemicals I don’t even want to name on my blog. And no, I don’t live in some sort of drug addled locality; neither do I go around making friends with the “wrong kind”. These are actually really good people, they just have vices.

If you ask me, I honestly don’t even know where people get half of these things from. My idea of indulging in a vice is going to a club and getting shots on shots on shots (truthfully though, I don’t need more than 2). I don’t have a favourite “sutta waala bhaiyya” (that’s the cigarette seller for non-hindi speaking peeps) and I definitely don’t have my personal drug dealer (no judgement… I guess…). I am not making these proclamations from a moral high horse, let me be clear. It’s coming from a place of concern.

I understand the want to experiment things in your life. For me the experimenting is closer to buying chicken biryani from that “new place that opened and nobody has really reviewed it so we don’t know if its good or will give you diarrhea”. But I honestly don’t understand how someone can snort cocaine when it’s known to be as addictive and harmful as it is. I can’t think of many reasons where someone might hate themselves/their body soo much that they do shitz like this.

Of course, I don’t mind people using the organic stuff 😛 (not that my minding it or not has anything to do with their personal choices), but its scary how easily certain chemicals which I believe to be evil incarnate are named and revered by everyone soo casually. Have they all tried it or is it just a means to look “cool” (it’s not cool btw.)

To anyone asking me about my vices, let me tell you this: I would rather sit around with my friends drinking chai than experiment hard drugs. I like those days when we meet each other for coffee and vada pav or something and NOT to smoke up and experiment a new whatever your personal drug dealer gave you.

Seriously, the next stranger who asks me about my vices is getting his/her ass kicked.

So basically, drugs are not cool, you don’t need a personal drug dealer, smoking is for losers and your body, health and future is more important than whatever your “friend” asked you to snort.






Mental Health

There are days when nothing feels right, everything is a blur and all we can think of is about the deepest most saddest parts of our lives. We all have those days, we all have those moments of self doubt and misery. But sometimes, its’s not just moments, but hours.  And sometimes those hours don’t seem to end. Every night you go to sleep thinking the next morning will bring peace, but life doesn’t work that way. So you wait and you wait for the pain in your heart to stop, for your soul to heal. In the meantime you get out of bed, eat cereal, commute to work, talk to smiling people at work, finish off assignments for the day, laugh with people and try to kid yourself into believing you are fine. Those days (weeks, months, years) define the sort of person you are. Are you weak, strong, funny, miserable or wearing the mask of happiness and faking through life?

One such day,

I contemplated lying to my boss that I had a migraine to get out of work.

I made up dialogues in my head as to how that would go.

“Sir, could I leave work early? I need to get my migraine medicines”.

I went into the washroom, made sure it was empty and cried.

There was this deep, grueling pain in my chest.

Came back to my cubicle like nothing was wrong; even smiled at a colleague.

But then I realised.

Why couldn’t I tell him the truth?

My mental health is as important as my physical health. Maybe even more important at times. But still, if a time came when I was too depressed to work, I had to lie about a migraine or a fever. He would then ask me to consult the physician. But that’s not going to work.

Why is mental health not as important as physical health then?

“It is easier to feign being depressed to get out of work” – an argument I read somewhere. But it is also easy to feign a head ache and get out of work.

It is still acceptable to say that you have a migraine than say you are too sad to stare at a computer screen. Because if you’re sad, you need to buckle up and be strong. Sadness is a sign of weakness and success is not for the weak, right? Wrong ideas.

Sometimes even if you want to change the way you feel and think, it’s not easy to do so. Your body wants you to talk to people, feel the happiness and love around you; but your mind isn’t ready. It is stuck in things you don’t want to think about, things that bring back that pain in your chest.

Ever heard that “inspiring” story about what happens when a potato, an egg and a coffee bean is put in boiling water? The coffee bean wins because it changed the environment to something everyone enjoys. So apparently, your attitude towards things will change the way you feel.

No, it’s not that easy. Sometimes time, care, love, attention and medication help. Sometimes even a good crying session will do.

But whatever it is that you need to do to save yourself, you should not have to lie and say it’s a migraine. Take the day off if you feel a pit in your stomach and your body feels like it’s going to give up. Don’t play it off as fever, headache or the flu. There is nothing wrong in wanting to take care of your mental health.

So next time I want to leave early I’ll tell my manager that I am sad and I need some time off.

Is this me giving up? No, it is me trying to better myself.

In the long run of things, one day at home is still better than weeks or months or years of hopeless, self-despised living.

At least, that’s what I think.


take care of your mind, body and soul



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This post is for those people who need that extra help to get through the day. It is terrifying to disclose something so personal to the world, but I am doing it tonight. I have fortunately never been diagnosed with any issues, but I can imagine how it feels to go through tough times. Stay strong and take care of yourself ❤

The one thing I can never do.

I love animals. All animals – insects and birds and reptiles and fishes and micro-organisms and everything. Even those that scare me a little, like snakes, or dragons (Not the Game of Thrones ones. Them, I want as my cuddler pets 🙂 ).

I still love them. You can love the things that scare you. That’s some deep shit right there, by the way.

But, I can’t help but eat some of them. And I don’t know what to do about that. Problem is not that I don’t like vegetables. It’s that I like non-vegetarian stuff waaay too much. I hate thinking about the poor chicken’s face when I eat a burger. I can imagine a goat’s cute-ass face when I relish on a Biryani. But I can’t help it, I really really cant.

I have always been a non-vegetarian. I do not remember a time when I disliked or avoided a good chicken curry. I mean it doesn’t even have to be good. I’ll eat it if it’s got chicken in there. Forget chicken, I eat all sorts of meat. And sea food. My family does too. And it was never a concern for me.

But then I grew up a little and saw hens getting transported in tiny little cages, all cramped up. I saw poor cows/buffaloes standing behind mini-trucks uncomfortable, in each others faces and looking miserable as hell . It was then that I understood they were all travelling to their deaths.

Childhood innocence had me thinking it was a city tour they were on.

aug_04_3052_cattle_transport (1)

Now, I know I am not someone who can plead for better treatment of animals. I eat them. And someone has to do the dirty work of getting it to my plate. I understand that. But the inhumanity in the proceedings makes me want to curse myself for being part of this atrocity. What is the need to be this way?

I know it is possible that none of the people who can make a difference in animal slaughtering laws are reading this plea, but I have to put it out there. Someone, please do something about the way these animals are treated. I mean, I know you’re taking them away to kill them, but how hard can it be to treat them with little humanity? You don’t really have to take 10 cows in one small truck now, do you? And you don’t really have to tie them up like this with them not even being able to keep their head held normal?

But then again, there are farms which keep their animals safe and make the end for them as humane as possible. I hope such farms grow larger in number. And for that we need to make sure that the meat we buy are from those “good people” farms. Please guys, if you are like me and cannot do away with non-vegetarian, at least make sure you get your food from places who do not treat their animals badly. A little research (into the clean farms) and lifestyle change from our side can go a long way.

I love animals, but I can’t help but hurt them. But I’ll try.

There,that’s an addition to my list of hypocritical activities. (Yes, there’s a list. I’ll tell you in another post.)

Love 🙂

P. S. Sorry if this post has been all over the place. I was on Google going through something and came across some evil animal husbandry photographs. I couldn’t help but think how sad their lives must be, being used for something or the other all their life and then in the end getting killed for their flesh. It actually is sad, if you think about it.

Thanks for reading. Comment, like and share!! And also please remember to support the good farms! ❤


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When I went to Paris, I wasn’t looking forward to see the Eiffel Tower. I was looking forward to climb up the tower and watch that view – the view I had only seen on my computer screen before, a view which I knew was going to change me forever. And it did. For several reasons.

While the tower signifies elegance and culture and love, the view from up above shows you a city full of life. A city which takes art to the next level, a city which is calm in spite of the busy streets and roads. It is a city I fell in love with. It was the city I couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye to. When I left Paris, I promised her that I would come back. To this day when someone asks me which city I want to visit again, I say Paris. Because there is so much more to see, so many more people to meet and so much more love to experience.

I had started writing another post on Paris yesterday when innocent people were killed in that beautiful city. People who did nothing, people who just wanted to see the city like I wanted to. Some were at a music concert. Some were at McDonalds. What did they all have in common? They decided to go out one fateful night.

Why did they have to die?

Because some people are so filled with hate that all they can do is take it out on others. Killing and inflicting pain is their only recourse. When did people start considering terrorism as a business? When did murderers start ruling states? When did a terrorist group become employers? What has the world come to?

This was going to be a completely different post. I was going to write about my stories of Paris – the things I saw there, what I felt on top of the Eiffel and how I longed to stay there for a month at least. And I had started writing it. But I couldn’t continue that post after first reports of the shooting started coming out. I stopped writing. Only this morning did I get a full idea of the tragedy at Paris. A post about the city’s wonders weren’t priority any more.

I kept thinking about how those people might have felt. Imagine just walking around a beautiful city at night and hearing gun shots and screams, imagine seeing blood everywhere. Imagine getting wounded. Or worse, seeing your loved ones getting wounded. What will you do? What can you do when terror is looking right at your face? Merciless terror.

And this is happening all over the world now. Everywhere, people are dying because some monsters feel it is their right to inflict torture on innocent lives because of whatever reasons. They then recruit others into their tiny gang of revenge mongers. Others sympathise with them, and the clan grows. Tell me this, if injustice is done to you, would you want to fight it like normal people, get over it with time, or kill some random people to get your “message” across? Those people’s lives aren’t anyone’s property to play with in the first place! It is their life. They must not have to be worried to get out of their houses for fear or guns and bombs.

I hear the ISIS is getting more and more people into their way of working. They have sympathisers all over the world. All over the world. Consider that for a moment.

Does this mean that if one day terrorists decide they want to take over the world, they could probably do it? That scares me.

It really does.

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I am just going to say some things here. It’s a tiny rant. I hear people boasting about travelling when all they did was take selfies at some touristy spots and that irks me. Here goes…

Travelling is a lot more than just going to places. It is about being adventurous, spontaneous and being open to new experiences. It is not about going to Delhi to shop. It is not about going to Switzerland to eat chocolates. It is about going on the metro trains at Delhi and pushing through the crowds, it is about walking around in Lucerne and asking random strangers about the lion monument there. It is everything you do when you are not being a typical tourist.

I want everyone to see the world. As a traveller. And here’s why…

I want people to travel so they see how beautiful the world is. I want people to travel so they get inspired to do better things. I want people to travel so they feel the warmth I felt when strangers at unknown lands smiled at me. I want people to travel so they feel comforted outside their comfort zones.

Basically, I want people to travel so they understand how insignificant they are in the bigger picture of things. That humbles you, that makes you want to leave your mark even in the slightest way possible. That, makes way for greater ideas, ideas that may not change the world, but will change you and the people around you.

And no, I don’t want you to visit a place and be a tourist there like I did for many years in my past. There is nothing great in visiting a city and staying at your luxury hotel and just going around a 2 kilometre radius drive in an air conditioned car. It is not travel when you stop at a mall or a touristy spot to shop for some souvenirs. Telling people you enjoyed the local cuisine when all you did was eat at the hotel’s restaurant is not enough either.

Because that is not travel.

Travel is when you get to a place, book the cheapest, most uncomfortable hotel and then get out to see the city. The more uncomfortable the hotel, the more you’ll find yourself walking on the streets and getting lost among their culture. This getting lost will make you talk to people, ask for help. This will tire you out, which in turn gets you into a local restaurant or a cafe or even an ice cream kiosk. That will then make you understand the people, their daily lives in that city.

Next day, you’ll realise you want more. You’ll realise that you want to go to the nearby city/village/town. You’ll take the train or the bus because then you will meet more people, or at least see more people. You’ll realise how things change with miles. Different cultures, different people, different life styles, even different types of coffees.

Next time you go out, be a traveller. Try seeing the world from your own two eyes. Not through the eyes of a tour guide or through the glasses of your car’s window. There will be a difference in your life.

Love 🙂

P.S. Please understand that the things mentioned above are solely my opinion. I have nothing against people who like being tourists. All power to you if you like doing only the touristy things. Just try being a traveller once. That changed me for the good, and I hope it changes you too.

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Nicole Arbour.

So… this video is controversial now.

Nicole Arbour has suddenly become a huge internet sensation (is that the proper word for her?) after she posted a video to her YouTube channel telling fat people to stop being fat. Yeah, that is rude.

Now, I came across this video after I watched a reaction video to this made by Grace Helbig where she completely disagreed and disregarded what Ms. Arbour had to say to all the fat people. So I must confess that I went into the video with my mind prejudiced (a little). Watch Grace’s video here.

In the video, titled “Dear Fat People”, Nicole Arbour, a comedian on YouTube with 136,472 subscribers, explains and “advices” that fat people must do something about their bodies and not kill themselves from obesity. According to her fat shaming is not a thing and it is a made up term by fat people. She specifically says that the video is not aimed at those people who gain weight due to specific health conditions. However, goes on to describe how she gets mad at parking spots for fat people and describes an experience she had with a fat family. All in all, the message she tries to give out apparently is that one must take care of their body and not take it for granted. The video caused massive outburst on the internet with people agreeing and disagreeing with her views. The video and her YouTube channel were suspended because of the high number of reports. They are both back on again now since the video does not violate any of YouTube’s policies.

This post is about me trying to figure out what this “satirist” (Arbour later mentioned that the video is more a satire) is trying to tell the world and if there is any merit to it.

  1. First of all…

Saying fat shaming is not a thing is one ignorant way of looking at life. Every fat person, at some point in their lives, has encountered teasing and ridicule just because of their body type. Some get through it because they don’t care what the world things. Another group, and they are the majority, end up causing more harm to themselves. The effects of being exposed to fat shaming at young years can actually induce undesirable eating habits in people which go on forever in their lives. Fat shaming is a thing, you come across it everyday. Maybe not on yourself, Nicole. Even Jennifer Aniston could not escape Daily Mail‘s wrath on having gained some weight post wedding. Why does anyone have to care about that anyway?

Point is, fat shaming exists. People/Kids are killing themselves on being called a variety of names because of their weight and that is not funny business.

2. “If I offend you so much that you lose weight, I am okay with that”

Sadly, Nicole, it is not your job to make sure other people lose weight. Hence I don’t see the point of you having to offend anyone. You being okay with offending other people only shows how hateful you are and that isn’t comedy.

3. “Fat people parking lots must be at the back of the mall parking lot. Walk to the doors, and burn some calories”

Well, if the calories you burn make whilst walking to the mall and back to the car matter so much to you, why don’t you park your car at the back all the time? Why care about where other people get to park?

4. “If you want to be body positive, work out and eat well. That is being positive to your body”

So in that same logic, if people say I have an ugly face, should I get a plastic surgery done and change my whole face to look like someone else? I can’t be positive unless I look a certain way? I am not allowed to accept the way I look because YOU do not like it? I mean, COME ON!

5. The Fat Family at the Airport

Nicole, a little tolerance never hurt anyone. How long did it take for the family to check-in anyway? If their knees hurt from standing, why not let them go before you? What difference would that make in your life? A visit to Starbucks? Really? (Starbucks. Healthy choice btw). Also, she isn’t happy that they got to go in a golf cart while she had to run to the plane. Ma’am, had you expressed your extreme desire to sit in one of those thingies, I am pretty sure the airport authorities would have let you go on them like the family did. Same goes for the time when you had to sit next to the fat person in the flight. Could have tried asking for a seat change, maybe? (The exaggeration at this point is borderline disgusting. Wasn’t funny.)

At this point in the video I just want to cry because of the hate in her voice. The “satire” has changed to a full on hate speech.

6. “I am not saying all of this to be an ass hole. I am saying this because your friends must be saying this to you”

Well, you have sort of acted like an ass hole. And no, no one can think of you as a friend when they know the kind of things you are thinking about in your head about their body size. Last I checked, friends accept each other for who they are. I get it if I have a blocked artery and my friend stops me from smoking. I do not get it if my “friend” calls me a cow because of an extra flab.

7. “Truth is, I will actually love you no matter what”

The way you love the fat family? What did they ever do to you except being fat? This woman contradicts herself waay too much!

Now, I tried looking at the positive side of things. She ends the video by saying that she hopes the truths she explained in the video would persuade people to make healthier choices. I get that. It is necessary to be healthy and to stay healthy. I try not to eat at McDonald’s everyday. I try to do Yoga whenever I can. My dad works out for an hour everyday. I know people who eat salads everyday in an attempt to not die young or get random diseases. And you know what, I also know a few people who did all of the above and still died at 40 or got diagnosed with artery blocks, diabetes and what not! It wasn’t even genetics. It was just pure bad luck.

So you know what it comes down to? Your happiness. If food is what makes you happy, that is not a crime. Eat what you want. Do not take notice of how your body looks physically. You can have fat on you and still be healthier than most people. The same applies to skinny people. If you don’t feel like eating a meal, don’t eat. People calling you skinny or fat must not make you lose your confidence.

I’ll end on this note though. Try to take care of your body a little bit. It is not very difficult. You know your body best. If you yourself feel the need to lose weight, do it. I agree that being healthy will help you in the long run. Try to exercise a little, eat some non-greasy food at times.

But remember, the priority is happiness. Always.

Love 🙂

P. S. The use of the term “fat people” isn’t my choice. Just going by the video.

P. P. S. Nicole has disabled comments on her video. I don’t see the point of trying to make a change in the lives of people with a video when you don’t even let people talk about it under your video.

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Recently, I got hooked on the topic of ‘morals’. It happened when I heard someone say on a video that people in the United States have no morals. See the video here (The comment, I think, is in Hindi. I am sorry if some of you don’t understand the content because of the language. I’ll translate it later in the post). I do believe that people must have their own opinions and it is not up to me to criticize someone on the way they think or act. However, I believe it is necessary that people make their decisions based on real information and actual facts. Let me explain.

The video is a collection of interviews on what some Indians had to say about the States. So there was this one question which went like this:

Interviewer: “So, people say that Americans have lost their morals because they have sex anywhere and everywhere, on the streets as well.”

Now, what I expected someone to say was  “I am pretty sure they don’t, but even if they do, how is that losing one’s moral?”

Instead I got this.

A girl said “They have not lost their morals, but yeah, they do have sex, in the streets and all.”

A dude said and I translate “Their country and nature is such that no matter where they go, they do “it”. Like, if it’s New Years, they have to do “it”.”

So, is that what people think of Americans? People who have to do “it” at all times no matter what? As in, if it is New Years they must have sex? What about Christmas? Do they not feel like going at it then?

I feel like people are judging each other on certain perceptions. As in, all Americans must be having sex all the time and going crazy because that’s what some sit-coms show. By that logic, all Indians must wear heavily embroidered sarees and golden jewellery 24*7 because all our TV shows have women dressed like that. Like I said before, I don’t mind the fact that every person has his or her own definition of morals, but these ideas must not be based on false facts. I, for one, do not think every American makes out and has sex on the streets. I am pretty sure you’ll get into trouble with the cops for public nudity and similar acts. However, how can a whole country’s morality be judged like this? On a more important note, why do you have to judge? Having sex is a normal act in life and that isn’t something which downgrades you or your morality. If two (or more :P) people want to do something, which isn’t illegal, why should others care? Does it matter if they want to do it during New Years? Is that another person’s concern?

But then, what made me write this post was when a girl in the video said that “India has culture, US doesn’t.” I think she gave this comment for the same question. If she did, then is she equating having sex with culture? Didn’t we Indians write Kamasutra? Doesn’t that then taint our culture? But then again, what is culture? Okay, this is getting too deep for this one article. Maybe I’ll write about culture in another article.

I’ll summarise. Someone said Americans “need” a lot of sex and that is bad morality. I don’t agree  because I see no connection between sex and morality. Someone said America has no culture. I don’t agree because I believe every country has culture, some people in it might not. The same person said India is cultured. I agree. I love my country, even with the many idiots in it.

Oh, there are some really stupid answers in the video. Someone said New York is the capital of the USA. So then another person countered that by saying USA cannot have a capital since it is a continent. Someone else positively believes that Canada is part of the USA. Oh, Obama won the Nobel Prize for Literature apparently. #FacePalm

Don’t judge the whole country on their General Knowledge, please 🙂

I would love to know what all my readers think about this. Let’s discuss in the comments 🙂

Any Americans out there, comment and let me know if you guys make out and have sex on the street. I am curious 😛

Things (Walter Palmer) mistaken as Humans.

There are some things in the world which are mistaken as Human Beings. One of those is Walter Palmer, a dentist in Minnesota, USA. It is responsible for shooting and killing a magnificent beast, Cecil the lion. We have all heard about it, we are all furious.

When I first heard about Cecil’s death I was beyond devastated. This was when I did not know the whole Palmer story. I was sad to say goodbye to a lion who looked and probably was the most handsome being on Earth. And then I read about the disguised human Palmer. And I call him a thing for the one reason that no human being would ever do an act as heinous as his to any other living being. Human Beings are made to love one another, care for all animals and protect the environment. But that’s rarely what these people do. They murder each other, poach animals and destroy the environment. Usually for no apparent reason. Oh sorry, some people poach animals for “sport”. Yeah, it is very amusing and entertaining to lure a lion out of his home with a bait; try to kill him with an arrow; then when you realize he isn’t dead, shoot him; skin him; take his head away; and leave the body. Fun? No. Disgusting. That is what happened to Cecil by the way.

How in the world is killing an animal, an animal which has done no wrong to you, a “sport”? How can you ever justify such an act. I can never ever understand people like Walter Palmer who issue statements to the press saying the whole process was completely legal to his knowledge. He also mentioned that he had no idea that the lion he killed was a local favourite. Sir, are you saying that it is okay to kill a lion if he isn’t a local favourite? Really? ARE YOU THAT STUPID?

Just look at him, look at Cecil in these videos. How cool is he?

Cecil, darling, you didn’t deserve to go away so soon. Hope heaven is treating you well. We’ll make sure Palmer doesn’t live a happy life, ever. The internet has good human beings in it. Do not worry. Love you, handsome ❤

Watch Jimmy Kimmel talking about Cecil. He is just one among the many good people. 🙂


So, I was watching this video on YouTube by Karimchii, one of the YouTubers I am subscribed to. He usually makes fun, entertaining videos but this time he talked about something serious. Scars. I’ve linked the video below if you want to watch it. In his video he talked about how he views scars as positive signs; sometimes of how you survived an accident or how you overcame a painful time in life. As I watched him talk about this, I couldn’t agree more to his views. But then I realized that I think differently about scars.

When I look at a scar on someone, I never think of it as “ugly” or “disgusting”. Truth Harry's Scaris, I don’t think of it as a negative or positive sign. It is just something some people have or don’t have. Neutral. That is, if you are not sporting a lighning bolt scar on your forehead. If you have that on you, I’d worship you.

Anyway, I kept pondering over the topic of scars even after the video ended. The video had talked about how scars could act as a reminder of something epic (good/bad) that happened in your past. But what about those scars which are a result of something unremarkable that happened to you? For example, a scar/mark left on your hand after an insect bit you? Or a scar/mark from a random bruise you don’t even remember? What about those scars from chickenpox you had as a child? Or from that one time you were careless with the iron box? Nothing major, but they are still there. Visible.

I have scars all over my face. Some of them are leftovers from skin allergies I had as a child. They haven’t faded even after all these years. Some others are from pimples I had as a teenager. They are horrible looking and do not remind me of anything cool or stupid or funny. They are just there. Part of me. Part of my face.

Do I like them? Obviously not.

Do I wish I had a clear skin? Yes.

Have I learned to live with it? Yes.

Scars don’t have to be stories of battles you fought with life. They don’t have to remind you of your past. They do not have to be significant. They can be simple marks left by a rogue pimple or a random cut. All you have to do is learn to live with it. Because at the end of the day, nobody, and I mean nobody cares about your marks. They all have their own faces and bodies and marks to worry about. Your face is 10 times better than you see it; your body is 100 times cooler than you give it credit for.  You don’t have to bring a concealer to every spot on your face or your body. Your scars don’t define you if you don’t want them to.

Chill, relax. Let those scars be seen. If they remind you of a past that you can now be proud of, tell the world about it. If it reminds you of a past you are scared to dig into, pull yourself out of that gutter; move on in the journey of life. If you don’t even remember the reason for that scar, don’t try figuring it out now, who the hell cares?!

Watch Karimchii’s Video here.