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I noticed something in the past few months during my interaction with the world. Everybody seems to want to know what my vices are. Very honestly the first time someone asked me what my vices were, I had to google what “vices” meant (Yeah, I didn’t know. It’s no big deal).

Vocabulary lessons for the uninitiated.

So vices are basically your bad habits. And apparently the good old “I bite my nails” or “I don’t wash my hair everyday” don’t count. Vices are worse things, apparently.

Everybody I meet seem to want to put horrible ass shitz into their body.  The list starts from coffee (which is only a hug from the heaven lets be honest) and passes through alcohol and cigarettes and end in chemicals I don’t even want to name on my blog. And no, I don’t live in some sort of drug addled locality; neither do I go around making friends with the “wrong kind”. These are actually really good people, they just have vices.

If you ask me, I honestly don’t even know where people get half of these things from. My idea of indulging in a vice is going to a club and getting shots on shots on shots (truthfully though, I don’t need more than 2). I don’t have a favourite “sutta waala bhaiyya” (that’s the cigarette seller for non-hindi speaking peeps) and I definitely don’t have my personal drug dealer (no judgement… I guess…). I am not making these proclamations from a moral high horse, let me be clear. It’s coming from a place of concern.

I understand the want to experiment things in your life. For me the experimenting is closer to buying chicken biryani from that “new place that opened and nobody has really reviewed it so we don’t know if its good or will give you diarrhea”. But I honestly don’t understand how someone can snort cocaine when it’s known to be as addictive and harmful as it is. I can’t think of many reasons where someone might hate themselves/their body soo much that they do shitz like this.

Of course, I don’t mind people using the organic stuff 😛 (not that my minding it or not has anything to do with their personal choices), but its scary how easily certain chemicals which I believe to be evil incarnate are named and revered by everyone soo casually. Have they all tried it or is it just a means to look “cool” (it’s not cool btw.)

To anyone asking me about my vices, let me tell you this: I would rather sit around with my friends drinking chai than experiment hard drugs. I like those days when we meet each other for coffee and vada pav or something and NOT to smoke up and experiment a new whatever your personal drug dealer gave you.

Seriously, the next stranger who asks me about my vices is getting his/her ass kicked.

So basically, drugs are not cool, you don’t need a personal drug dealer, smoking is for losers and your body, health and future is more important than whatever your “friend” asked you to snort.






Bridges || Irrational Fears – I

In the past few weeks I have had the misfortune of getting stuck on bridges due to very irritating traffic. I then realised something: I may have an issue with bridges.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not one to say no to an evening stroll on a bridge. They usually have pretty views and sometimes just standing there staring at the water underneath is soothing.

However, these days when I am stuck on bridges my mind keeps running to what would happen if the bridge collapsed. Like seriously,  remember this scene from Harry Potter??


I am not saying Death Eaters are going to come crashing bridges in India, but lets just say it happens. Like what is one supposed to do when a bridge collapses? I can’t swim, I can’t float, I cannot even scream for help because I will be yelling “I knew this was going to happen, I told you! I told you!” to everyone instead of ACTUALLY doing something to save myself. But chances are, it would be more easier to just do this:

Tom dying at the end of The Duck Doctor (1952)
Annnnd, RIP.

You know, take that one last drag of a cigarette and wait for death to come (Statutory Warning: I am not condoning smoking in any way, it is disgusting and no one should do it.) But you get the point. What’s the point anyways? If the fall doesn’t kill you, the flowing water will. And for some reason the water doesn’t kill you, all the poison people have dumped in there will. Might as well enjoy that one last minute of life, right?

So, during my hours of sitting in traffic, I have come up with an amazing plan in case the bridge breaks. I shall take that as my first and last ultimate bungee jumping. Obviously, it is not going to be a glamorous affair. I reckon I’ll be crying a bit. Also, the view from this particular bridge I get stuck on isn’t exactly pretty. And no one is going to be giving me a certificate for jumping. But I still feel like its the best way to go.

If gravity really wants you to fall, might as well make an adventure out of it!

Very disturbing thoughts some of these, I know. But this is what my mind thought today and I felt the need to tell everyone that.

Next time you’re on a bridge, remember this post ❤





P.S.: I am going to be real mad if the bridge actually collapses. Also, I guess this blog post will be considered a forewarning and me an absolute miracle-woman.

P.P.S. The bridge collapsing could also mean the death eaters are rising again. Shitz.

P.P.P.S. Did you read Cursed Child yet? 🙂

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