Some Game of Thrones Learning

I don’t usually write things about Game of Thrones. No, that’s a lie. I do write about GoT stuff but they are usually very subtle references. This post isn’t dedicated to Game of Thrones specifically, it’s more like a learning from the TV show which I think is pretty important.

Oh, BTW, there could be spoilers. I don’t know, haven’t written the post yet. (Lame.)

(This is me from the future, I have now written the post. I can confirm that there are spoilers. This is lamer than the one above. 😦 )

So, first learning:-

  1. Giant people are good people. Reference – Hodor, Wun-Wun.
  2. People who play giants are more interesting. Reference – Ian Whyte who plays Wun-Wun.
Ian Whyte








3. Wars are the worst things humans can do. It is a big statement, yes. But after watching the ‘Battle of Bastards’ I cannot think of anything worse. And they called it a battle. So imagine actual wars. Imagine bodies piling up like that in a battlefield. Most of what we saw on TV was VFX and good acting, but these things actually happened in the world. People fought with life in return for what? Power? Authority? Land? Money? Food? Was it worth it?

And worse yet, people in that era had only spears and swords to fight with. Today countries own nuclear weapons, missiles and God-Knows-What-Shit. There is no out and out battle in a field, there is going to be airstrikes and bombings and nuclear attacks. If a war breaks out, it is not just the men in the warzone who’ll die. Everyone will. That thought keeps coming back to me, and I cannot deal with it.

4. Never make another person fight your war. Now this is deep. Jon Snow is one of my most beloved characters. Ramsay Bolton was not beloved, but he was a smart guy whose decisions I respect (He got whatever he wanted and went from a Bastard to a Lord. Didn’t end too well for him though, did it? ). It is very much expected from someone like Ramsay but for Jon Snow to lead his men into what he sort of believed to be a lost battle was a bit revolting to be very honest. I understand the whole “oh he has my brother and I must fight him till I die” thing, but Sansa was right, wasn’t she? We all knew Rickon was dead meat walking the minute he appeared on screen this season. Snow man, you be cute and all, but never let others fight your battle man.

And that is same for us who aren’t in the “winter is coming” era but don’t we all sometimes make others fight our tiny battles? I for one have issues when my friends talk to someone I do not like. I say it’s loyalty but it’s basically BS. If I am depressed I become this person who is capable of making everyone else around depressed. Not that it gives me any happiness, but I sometimes do it anyway. Same goes with when I am angry. I will make sure my anger is spread to others. Maybe not lead them into a war though.
Mental note to me – let people live their lives without much of your BS.

5. No matter what life brings to you, stay strong and you’ll one day get to smile. Reference – Sansa Stark.

This poor girl has been through absolute nightmares. But did you see that smile in the end?


Dat smile doe!!!!! 

I know these are all fictional characters and fictional stories. But thing is, they depict real life in a way or another. I am not saying that there are people in the world who are as horrible as Ramsay, but there are people who come close, very close. I am not saying that a battle as horrible as the Battle of Bastards is going to happen, but things much worse could happen. I am not saying there is a Hodor or a Wun Wun roaming among us, but people with hearts that big are surely around.

And for Sansa, her struggles are real. There are people who are abused and beaten down every day, but there are people who struggled out of that mess. People who held their head up high and that is a reality. So it’s not all blood, intestines and naked women, but it also is courage, love and honour.

And on that note, goodbye,




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