Flying with Entitled People|| Time Spent In Series

So we all know about my aversion to flying with babies (here, if you do not) and to kids in general (here, if that is also news to you).

BUT, you know who’s worse to travel with in a flight after babies?


But no, not all men. There is a special category of men who are actual pain to travel with and they are men who have travelled soo many times on flights that they feel entitled to act a certain way inside the aircraft.

Now of course, women do this too probably. I am just speaking for myself here and I have had this problem  I only with men. Basically, please be kind and don’t get butthurt, guys. 💖

1. Bathroom Entitlement

First things first, is it me or do men pee too many times?! Like, dude/uncle we just sat down. You don’t have to pee as soon as the  captain switches off the seat belt sign, do you? I mean, this doesn’t affect me per se except that I have to get up every time your bladder decides it needs attention, but that’s okay. I don’t mind it. You must probably get it checked though :/

2. Seat Belt Entitlement

And talking about seat belt signs, why is it that most uncles (usually them) MUST remove their seat belts the second the caution light goes off?! I mean, it’s not horribly uncomfortable or anything. Or is it the pot belly? I would never know, I guess.

3. Seat Back Entitlement

Also, why must you be a jerk and ALWAYS push you seat back soo much that poor old me sitting in the back end up having to do origami twists to save my leg from crushing​? I know my legs are short and all, but still maan. If I’d known you were going to take all my leg space I’d have bought a half ticket just for my torso to fit and then curl up in the seat 😒

4. Arm Rest Entitlement

Why the hell are men on my sides taking up the ENTIRE seat handle?! I need a bit of space on it to keep my arm too you know. I mean as I origami myself into the seat my arms need to be kept on the sides or my muscles start spasming and it hurts and stuff (damn, I am old😓)

5. The Leg Entitlement.

Good thing I don’t get space to keep my leg down because if I did, where will the uncles on my sides keep their legs?! I mean they have to man spread (obviously!) and my legs shouldn’t get in the way, right?

Same goes for the guy in the back who decides to keep his leg under my seat. It’s not your fault you’re soo tall, but why don’t you try not moving then around soo much so we share that space so you and I can both be comfortable? But no worries. Thanks to uncle in the front lounging away, my legs are numb from all the crushing.

All this being said though, the minute I voice my concern men are usually extremely adapting and they keep their legs/arms/seat back in check. So maybe they just don’t realise other people getting crushed or have issues controlling their bladder.  

I don’t ever say anything though, because I do not like confrontation and I’d preferably get crushed for 5 hours than actually look at a human being in the eye and say that they need to sit properly.

So men, guys, please. Just look around sometimes and try to keep your bladder and your limps in your own personal space.  🙂 


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The Browsing Position.

You know that manner which your body convolutes into when you are on your laptop for hours at a stretch doing good for nothing stuff like watching cat videos, soldiers coming back home videos or even taking the most random BuzzFeed quizzes?

It looks a little like this:

Yeah, that one. I have a story to tell y’all about this. (I’m kidding. The story has very less to do about this but a lot to do with me having to rant a little. #NotMisleading )

So, we had a kinda important week in college with many submissions and tests and viva (basically any crap the teachers think will help us “learn”). This meant that I procrastinated more than ever this previous week and assumed this position for more than 5 hours, everyday (Okay maybe not 5. Like 9 hours, more or less :/ ). Saturday was the last submission and the deadline was 4PM. You know, you’d think I would have learned my lesson from all these years of waiting till the last minute to submit stuff. But no, I finished my work at about 3:45 and then had to power-walk/semi-run to college. Then, panting and sweating with a very questionable hairdo (coz of the wind and the sweat and not combing the said hair for about 3 days), I reached the photocopy centre. Now, this place is basically a high desk, behind which are two photocopy machines, two computers and two printers. Not to mention two very very lazy dudes who live in their own little bubble. Like, I am not even kidding, one time asked one of them to take a copy for me and he stared at me for a full 5 minute period before walking away from me to sit down on a nearby chair. Imagine that and my possible bewildered look at his response.

Anyway, I stand in queue with a ton of other random lazy asses like me who did not do their work on time, finally got my thingy printed and submitted it. I was then walking back home when I realised that there was an excruciating pain on my lower back which was basically making me walk like a drunk old woman. You know sometimes you get these pains and you convince yourself that that is how you are going to die? That was me.

I get back home and assume my browsing position and my genius brain figures it out. It is the browsing position that gave me the back pain! See, I had spent too much time sitting like that, my body couldn’t handle it. I blame the education system for this. I also blame the legal system. I can’t figure out how the system is liable for my back pain, but I blame it. I also want to blame the internet but I love it waay too much to be harsh to him/her.

So why it took me 5 days to write about this? Because I had a test yesterday I needed to study for and because I procrastinated (what else is new?) and also did not want to assume the browsing position that clearly did not do any good for me.

Also, this post is nothing but me trying to gain all of your sympathy for being an ass and not writing for what I think is a month or something (It’s 13 days. I checked.). Anyway, I am soooo sorry! I got caught up with all the damn university stuff which I still believe do nothing good for me (but still have to do coz as it was pointed out to me, “who in their right mind would leave 4th year of law school?”)

I swear I will do better. Promise. :*

P. S. I still have the pain. If you have a remedy for crap like this, please do let me know.

P. P. S. If anyone is wondering how I did in the submission, TERRIBLY. Least marks I’ve ever gotten in my whole college life. Yeah, education isn’t stressful or anything! :/

P. P. P. S. Love 🙂

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