When I went to Paris, I wasn’t looking forward to see the Eiffel Tower. I was looking forward to climb up the tower and watch that view – the view I had only seen on my computer screen before, a view which I knew was going to change me forever. And it did. For several reasons.

While the tower signifies elegance and culture and love, the view from up above shows you a city full of life. A city which takes art to the next level, a city which is calm in spite of the busy streets and roads. It is a city I fell in love with. It was the city I couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye to. When I left Paris, I promised her that I would come back. To this day when someone asks me which city I want to visit again, I say Paris. Because there is so much more to see, so many more people to meet and so much more love to experience.

I had started writing another post on Paris yesterday when innocent people were killed in that beautiful city. People who did nothing, people who just wanted to see the city like I wanted to. Some were at a music concert. Some were at McDonalds. What did they all have in common? They decided to go out one fateful night.

Why did they have to die?

Because some people are so filled with hate that all they can do is take it out on others. Killing and inflicting pain is their only recourse. When did people start considering terrorism as a business? When did murderers start ruling states? When did a terrorist group become employers? What has the world come to?

This was going to be a completely different post. I was going to write about my stories of Paris – the things I saw there, what I felt on top of the Eiffel and how I longed to stay there for a month at least. And I had started writing it. But I couldn’t continue that post after first reports of the shooting started coming out. I stopped writing. Only this morning did I get a full idea of the tragedy at Paris. A post about the city’s wonders weren’t priority any more.

I kept thinking about how those people might have felt. Imagine just walking around a beautiful city at night and hearing gun shots and screams, imagine seeing blood everywhere. Imagine getting wounded. Or worse, seeing your loved ones getting wounded. What will you do? What can you do when terror is looking right at your face? Merciless terror.

And this is happening all over the world now. Everywhere, people are dying because some monsters feel it is their right to inflict torture on innocent lives because of whatever reasons. They then recruit others into their tiny gang of revenge mongers. Others sympathise with them, and the clan grows. Tell me this, if injustice is done to you, would you want to fight it like normal people, get over it with time, or kill some random people to get your “message” across? Those people’s lives aren’t anyone’s property to play with in the first place! It is their life. They must not have to be worried to get out of their houses for fear or guns and bombs.

I hear the ISIS is getting more and more people into their way of working. They have sympathisers all over the world. All over the world. Consider that for a moment.

Does this mean that if one day terrorists decide they want to take over the world, they could probably do it? That scares me.

It really does.

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I have never been much of a tIMG_2949raveller. I used to visit a lot of places with my parents but like a typical tourist I would just go see the “touristy” places , get back to the hotel, eat and go to sleep. Maybe click some selfies if the sun helped. However, a recent trip to Europe changed all of that.

So, my parents decided to take me to Europe in June. Hands down, the single best trip of my existence. We could only spend around 10 days there but every day was like a dream. This was my first trip abroad and I gained such an amazing insight to the lives and cultures of other countries. I loved the trip. I still dream about the trip. I just want to get my ass back to Europe.

So what is it that made me fall in love with that beautiful continent? Well, the people for instance are really nice. The cities are clean, the food is good and the land, in general is beautiful. I learned a lot about myself during this trip and one of it was that I liked travelling. As a traveller. Not as a tourist. I liked taking photographs. Not just my photos, but of buildings, rivers, lakes, mountains, other people, streets etc. I just love the feeling of walking around a place, getting lost, panicking, looking everywhere, losing hope and then finding a landmark you recognise and getting back on track. I love the way people would smile at me, I love the idea that there are many strangers out there whom I could maybe meet and smile at or maybe chat with. I love knowing that I can go into any city and be a part of it, learn about it, click photos of it and then fly to another equally amazing city. All this gives me hope and a direction in life.

Travel, I realized is the one thing that can sustain the peace in me. It paves a path for me; inspires me.

IMG_3343So I wonder… If a trip to Germany, Switzerland and Paris could do this to me, what would I be like if I travel the whole world? I can only wonder!

I shall write more about the beautiful places I visited in my upcoming blogs. Hope I do justice to them. Fingers crossed!