Stopping to smell the flower.

So last day a famous Indian musician/singer, Sonu Nigam partook in a social experiment. Basically he dressed up as an old, ragged, homeless-looking man and started playing a Harmonium and singing on the side of the rod. Obviously, one would expect at least a hundred people to crowd around him because his voice is angelic almost. But, less than 20 people might have paused to listen and even lesser people actually gave a damn. ONE person cared enough to tell him how brilliant his voice was, gave him some money and asked if he’d had breakfast.


So, my dad and I were discussing this and he told me the story about Joshua Bell on whose experiment this is based on. So Bell is a famous violinist who apparently sold tickets to his concerts for up to a lakh (INR 1,00,000) and sometimes even more than that. However, when he started playing at a railway station, no one seemed to care (video below). The reason is quite simple actually.

We are all so very aimed at reaching certain places and doing certain things on time that we forget to stop for the smaller things. ‘

Just imagine yourself, on your way to work, in the morning – your priority is getting to work on time, finishing up that report you need to submit and preparing for that afternoon presentation. If you are on your way to class,your thoughts are on the portions you have revised for the test, the assignments that are due tomorrow and getting that caffeine into your system ASAP.  So it really is understandable why you might forget to stop to smile at a lady in the bus or pat a dog on the sidewalk or even listen to the man singing /playing the violin. In a way it’s good that we prioritize things, it makes us focused individuals.

But is life’s worth counted on amount of focus we have in life? I’d say life ‘s worth is counted on the simple things. Like today, my day was worthwhile because I was woken up with kissies from my mom, had brilliant chai with breakfast,  watched some Graham Norton videos which made me laugh and had a ‘irritate dad by being annoying’ session. Had I locked myself up in my room to write a research paper I may have missed out on all those small things, but I may have finished a paper. Focused worker v. being available for ‘fun’. It is tough , that choice.

What’s more worthwhile to you ? Decide that and then make life’s decisions. I care about the smaller things, so next time I am walking back home from the bus stop, you’ll surely see me stopping to smell the flowers on the way (Maybe not literally, I have allergies, but you get the point. 😛 )

What do you say? Stop and smell the flowers or concentrate on climbing up to the top of the mountain? Let me know in the comments, e-mail, Instagram or Twitter.


me 🙂


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What I sang this year.

So 2015 ends today… No big deal, we’re dying everyday anyway (Positivity FTW). I was doing my end-of-the-year cleaning, which means I transferred the songs in my laptop to my hard disk (priorities) and thought it would be nice to share with y’all the songs I kept singing  this year. You know, like a tribute to the year that is now ending.

  • Ed Sheeran

Enough said. If the dude ever sang something, chances are I too  sang those throughout the year and will be doing so in many more years to come.

If you have any doubts about his calibre (which you shouldn’t), then listen to these live performances of the man.

(^That’s when he sold out 3 nights at Wembley. Just him, his guitar and his loop pedal.) Genius man. Ain’t he like, really, really cute? ❤

  • Kodaline

After Ed Sheeran, my favourite is the Irish band, Kodaline (Do all Irish men sing? Sheeran is part Irish, BTW.). In addition to the songs, the videos are pretty damn good too.

The above two videos contain a dog. Hence, it is cute AF.

Some of these songs make me tear up a bit. A teensy bit. In a good way though.

  • Sia

Sia is an absolute legend. Listen to these!

Heidi Klum AND Pedro Pascal in a video together? :O :O :O

Normal people mights sound like a dying animal when they sing Salted Wound. Not Sia, though. She sounds pristine!

The Elastic Heart video was highly controversial according to some people. I liked the song, and the video. Shia Labeouf has done real well

  • Lean On

You know that song which you totally die for at the club? That song the slightly intoxicated version of you have choreographed dance steps for? This one is mine. I tots “fire the gun” and “blow kisses” when a DJ puts this on. 😀

  • Whatever Taylor Swift came up with this year.

Tay-Tay is queen. I do not love all her songs, but whatever I like, I cannot stop listening to.

  • Coldplay

I have a confession and it is that I did not like Coldplay a while back. Very few people know this about me. But then, Hardwell made a remix of A Sky Full of Stars and life hasn’t been the same for me. Coldplay is my pick-me-up. It clears my mind, their songs do. I feel energized and powerful and full of life after a good session of Viva La Vida. Paradise made me cry the first time I listened to it and is usually playing in the back of my mind at all times. The Scientist is just beautiful, how can people create such good stuff?  Fix You is cool too, I just get the vibes of a nursery song from it in the beginning.

  • Lifehouse – Everything

I couldn’t find the official version of this song on YouTube, but this is the song. We did a skit in school with this song playing in the background and since then I have loved it.

Sidenote: I was the evil of ‘Alcoholism’ in the skit. The teachers must have thought I suited the character really well or something.

  • Lisa Hannigan

What’ll I Do Without You , I Don’t Know and Knots are mighty adorable. They are just soo simple and happy songs. I like. A lot.

Lisa Hannigan brings me straight to Damien Rice. He said this about her in an interview, “I love her so much, and I love her so much that I love that she hasn’t spoken to me – because even in that I have learned so much over the last two years”. For some reason, it breaks my heart that they broke up.

  • Damien Rice

I was introduced to this dude just a month or two ago and I really love these two songs from him – 9 Crimes and I Don’t Want to Change You. Raw emotion is what it is.

  • This Mashup

Also, this lady, Megan Davies ,majorly talented.

  • Happy Little Pill –  Troye Sivan

Sivan is a year younger than me and is already on his way to absolute stardom. I am reminded again of how old I am and how less I have achieved in life. #NotCool


  • Royals – Lorde

Even after 2 years of listening to it almost every day, I am not tired of the song. I don’t really know why.

  • Hozier

Remember me wondering whether all Irish men could sing? Turns out they probably do. Hozier is an Irish heartthrob and music creator. Take Me To Church, Someone New and Work Song stand testimony to that!

  • Imagine Dragons

Demons. Radioactive. It’s Time. Those I sing everyday, still. The music gives me chills sometimes. It’s that good!

There are soo many other songs I sang this year, and some of them aren’t even English. These songs, however are on my “favourites” playlist and mean something to me.

So, yeah, New Year and all that ish. Have fun you guys, stay safe, be happy and keep being kind to one another!


me 🙂


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