Amazon Cares and Amazon CARES.

NOTE: This isn’t a sponsored or paid post. I want this to reach as many people as possible and it is not about me pitching myself to brands. Also, please read the ‘update’ part of the post because it is about some truly remarkable people, who make good things happen.

Today I was on Amazon, just window shopping (That is one of my many hobbies.). It is then that I came across this beautiful gesture by the company – Amazon Cares. I do not know if this is something that they have been doing for  while and everyone knows about this already; but if you don’t, please take some time to read this post and think about it.

So, Amazon Cares is a service done by Amazon under their Gift a Smile project to provide NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) with their needs by letting us buy stuff for them. Don’t get it? I’ll explain.

So when you go to their webpage, you see a list of NGOs.  There are NGOs there falling under different categories of services- like child education, child health, differently-abled persons, women empowerment, senior citizens, animal welfare etc.  You click on the NGO you’d like to support and you’ll see their “Wish List”. This Wish List contains all the things that the NGOs need at the moment. Some are on high priority and you can even see the quantity they need and that they received. The NGOs give reasoning for wanting that specific product too. This helps you make an informed decision. All you have to do is add  the items you want to get for them, or things within your budget that you can give them and buy those stuff!  Done.

You sir/madam, have helped someone.

What I love about this initiative is how simple it is. Everyone sits at home thinking about wanting to give back to the society. I have heard at least 5 people telling me about how privileged their life is and how that makes them feel “guilty”. They talk about wanting to help charities and causes. But “I don’t have the time to arrange for anything” or “I don’t know who to get in touch with” or “things they need are out of my budget” are some of the problems I hear.

With Amazon Care, you can sit in your home, office or a coffee shop, look at the causes you care for, see what the NGOs need and balance stuff out with the amount you can spend and easily help the people/animals in need.

It cannot get easier than this.

As soon as my parents come back home today, I am going to tell them about this and select some NGOs we would like to help. Not that we don’t care for the other NGOs, but some things are closer to heart.

This wasn’t a planned post. I literally saw the service and made a short post about it. I’ll put up another of my “normal” posts soon.

Please share this with the people who you think can help out the NGOs. It would be lovely to go on Amazon Care one day soon and see none of the NGOs wanting anything because the kind people of the world have provided all those things already 🙂

Amazon Cares India–

Readers from other countries – I couldn’t find the websites for Amazon Cares anywhere except in India. Maybe you can Google and find out. If you do find this initiative in your country, please leave the link in the comments. That’ll help others. Thank You.

Spread some love guys, because what with all the things happening around the world right now, we all need to give and receive some love.

Peace ❤

Update: After I posted this article, I received a comment from Amazon CARES. Not the international company, but a group of kind hearted heroes who believe in a philosophy I care a hell lot for – animal rights. So, I decided to make this post longer, and include the good work they do into this.

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety AKA Amazon CARES does its good work in Peru’s Amazon – the rainforest. A quick glance through their website and Facebook page  will show you how much they care about making life easy and comfortable for our co-beings. They are truly remarkable people and I feel sorry for not knowing about their work beforehand especially when I wrote a post with the title they have owned since 2004. If any of my readers would like to support them, kindly do so (the links are below).

Because like I said before, we all need to give and receive some love.

Get in touch with Amazon CARES here:

Official Website
Support their cause

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