The Blog Name.

People keep asking me why I call my blog “The Speaking Paw”. I shall answer this query with a single post.

For the longest time in my life, I had wanted a tattoo. I don’t know why, but the idea of a tattoo excited me from a very very young age. It’s not like I was a very rebellious child or anything. I was too lazy to be a 1423840310578rebel I guess. But anyway, my parents would not let me get a tattoo and even if they did I would probably have no idea what to get and might have ended up with a butterfly or something (no offence to people who have butterfly tattoo. It’s cute :P). So then I moved out of my parent’s home for college and on 13th February, 2015 I decided to fuck what my parents thought and go get a tattoo anyway. My mom was pissed but I knew she would come around to liking it.

And guess what my tattoo is? Yes. A Paw. On my wrist.Β I decided that I wanted a paw tattooΒ becauseΒ I love dogs and there was not a single other thing I wanted etched on me forever.

I compare my experience of getting a tattoo with that of pregnancy. Don’t jump on me with opinions, let me explain. The anticipation, the worry, the scare, the pain, the love, and the feeling of seeing that piece of beauty finally forever yours – it’s all there. I am bloody scared of needles and getting a tattoo was not easy for me. The damn thing scared the crap out of me. But I did it. And I will always be proud of it. And I will love it till the end of time. No regrets. πŸ™‚

Oh, remember the movie We are the Millers and theΒ “No ragrets” tattooΒ that dude got? Funny. πŸ˜€ragrets

Anyway, that is why I call my blog “The Speaking Paw”. Coz I love my paw tattoo, I consider it to be a person almost. Some people might think it’s weird. I don’t. And if you don’t think it’s weird that a person sometimes talks to their tattoo, we can be friends πŸ™‚

P. S. My mom did get around to liking the tattoo. My dad adores it and wants one on his arm now. My cousin who is 14 is trying to persuade her parents to allow her to get a tattoo. Another cousin asked me where she can get one from. Mom says I spread evil in the family. Hehe. πŸ˜›