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I noticed something in the past few months during my interaction with the world. Everybody seems to want to know what my vices are. Very honestly the first time someone asked me what my vices were, I had to google what “vices” meant (Yeah, I didn’t know. It’s no big deal).

Vocabulary lessons for the uninitiated.

So vices are basically your bad habits. And apparently the good old “I bite my nails” or “I don’t wash my hair everyday” don’t count. Vices are worse things, apparently.

Everybody I meet seem to want to put horrible ass shitz into their body.  The list starts from coffee (which is only a hug from the heaven lets be honest) and passes through alcohol and cigarettes and end in chemicals I don’t even want to name on my blog. And no, I don’t live in some sort of drug addled locality; neither do I go around making friends with the “wrong kind”. These are actually really good people, they just have vices.

If you ask me, I honestly don’t even know where people get half of these things from. My idea of indulging in a vice is going to a club and getting shots on shots on shots (truthfully though, I don’t need more than 2). I don’t have a favourite “sutta waala bhaiyya” (that’s the cigarette seller for non-hindi speaking peeps) and I definitely don’t have my personal drug dealer (no judgement… I guess…). I am not making these proclamations from a moral high horse, let me be clear. It’s coming from a place of concern.

I understand the want to experiment things in your life. For me the experimenting is closer to buying chicken biryani from that “new place that opened and nobody has really reviewed it so we don’t know if its good or will give you diarrhea”. But I honestly don’t understand how someone can snort cocaine when it’s known to be as addictive and harmful as it is. I can’t think of many reasons where someone might hate themselves/their body soo much that they do shitz like this.

Of course, I don’t mind people using the organic stuff 😛 (not that my minding it or not has anything to do with their personal choices), but its scary how easily certain chemicals which I believe to be evil incarnate are named and revered by everyone soo casually. Have they all tried it or is it just a means to look “cool” (it’s not cool btw.)

To anyone asking me about my vices, let me tell you this: I would rather sit around with my friends drinking chai than experiment hard drugs. I like those days when we meet each other for coffee and vada pav or something and NOT to smoke up and experiment a new whatever your personal drug dealer gave you.

Seriously, the next stranger who asks me about my vices is getting his/her ass kicked.

So basically, drugs are not cool, you don’t need a personal drug dealer, smoking is for losers and your body, health and future is more important than whatever your “friend” asked you to snort.






Looking Back – Profession Edition.

When I was young, I wanted to be a lot of things. I mean, work wise. As in the “when I grow up I want to be…” thing. I remember wanting to be a teacher for the longest time. That was back when we all loved our teachers and thought they were the coolest beings on Earth. They had all the crayons and drawing papers with them; of course, they were cool! It was probably also because back then they gave less home work and did not make you want to kill yourself. Aah, how college changes you!

Anyway, later I decided that being a teacher was boring and I tried to look beyond that profession. After many phases of life which saw me wanting to be a doctor (although I run at the sight of a needle), a software engineer (I did not know what the profession was about. It sounded cool.), a chef (cooking and burnt food are synonymous for me.) and even a clothing/shoe store sales girl (which to this day I want to become), I decided to become a pilot. This decision happened somewhere around my 10th Grade which meant that everyone around me kept asking what I wanted to become when I “grew up”. I happily told them that my dream was to fly some aeroplanes. The aunty who used to cut my hair back then still complains that I did not keep my word of giving her a free ride when I fly the craft myself. Poor Aunty!

Anyway, 10th Standard happened and I passed all my subjects with top grades #NerdAlert. Since flying flights was the dream, I took the science stream with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Programming (C++ still gives me the chills. The bad kind). It was during my years of learning Physics in Higher Secondary classes that I learned how dumb I am. Don’t get me wrong, I am not entirely stupid but I was surely not going to become a pilot. That was a #RealityCheck .

I was okay with that though. When all my school mates sat studying for their Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations, I told everyone that I was going to take up a Bachelor’s degree in English. I still remember the look of utter astonishment on my Chemistry Sir’s face when I told him I wasn’t going to waste my time writing an Entrance Examination for Engineering because “I didn’t feel like it”. He complained to my mom at the open house that I was wasting my life. We still laugh about the scandalous look on my teacher’s face when my mom did not reciprocate his feelings!

Later on during the holidays, my friend called me up and asked if I would be kind enough to accompany her to a Law Entrance Coaching class. I was bored, mom said go, my friend needed me. So I said okay. And that’s when things changed. I sat in the class and for the first time ever I was learning something I could use in my daily life. There were no alphabets in Mathematics, no chemical equations I would never need in my life, no theory about Torque that made me want to cry. I learned what my rights were, I learned how to argue like a lady (and not bite off someone’s head if they disagreed with my opinions) and most importantly, I started learning about the world.

The people I came across in the class were more or less my type of people and some time during the entrance coaching class I decided I wanted to learn law. So, I did. 🙂

It was not that easy to get into the college I study in. Hell, it was one of the hardest process I went through. But it has also been one of the best decisions of my life. That story, however, is for another day.

Today, I am learning law. I write blogs. I have plans to travel the world. I am still working on trying my hand at being a sales girl. I do not know where I am going, profession wise; but I am patient. I really wish I could grow up and become a dog, though. That would be one cool life! 😛

In the comments below tell me what you want to become you “grow up”. If you think you are a grown up already, tell me if the plans you made as a kid came true. Also, follow my blog, like the post if you think it’s good. Share it with your friends by copy-pasting the link in the address bar to your social media sites.Thanks for reading! Love 🙂

P.S.: Remember to look back at your life and smile. If there is nothing smile-worthy there, don’t look back. The road ahead is sure going to be much more fun. #OptimismRules

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