Flying with Entitled People|| Time Spent In Series

So we all know about my aversion to flying with babies (here, if you do not) and to kids in general (here, if that is also news to you).

BUT, you know who’s worse to travel with in a flight after babies?


But no, not all men. There is a special category of men who are actual pain to travel with and they are men who have travelled soo many times on flights that they feel entitled to act a certain way inside the aircraft.

Now of course, women do this too probably. I am just speaking for myself here and I have had this problem  I only with men. Basically, please be kind and don’t get butthurt, guys. 💖

1. Bathroom Entitlement

First things first, is it me or do men pee too many times?! Like, dude/uncle we just sat down. You don’t have to pee as soon as the  captain switches off the seat belt sign, do you? I mean, this doesn’t affect me per se except that I have to get up every time your bladder decides it needs attention, but that’s okay. I don’t mind it. You must probably get it checked though :/

2. Seat Belt Entitlement

And talking about seat belt signs, why is it that most uncles (usually them) MUST remove their seat belts the second the caution light goes off?! I mean, it’s not horribly uncomfortable or anything. Or is it the pot belly? I would never know, I guess.

3. Seat Back Entitlement

Also, why must you be a jerk and ALWAYS push you seat back soo much that poor old me sitting in the back end up having to do origami twists to save my leg from crushing​? I know my legs are short and all, but still maan. If I’d known you were going to take all my leg space I’d have bought a half ticket just for my torso to fit and then curl up in the seat 😒

4. Arm Rest Entitlement

Why the hell are men on my sides taking up the ENTIRE seat handle?! I need a bit of space on it to keep my arm too you know. I mean as I origami myself into the seat my arms need to be kept on the sides or my muscles start spasming and it hurts and stuff (damn, I am old😓)

5. The Leg Entitlement.

Good thing I don’t get space to keep my leg down because if I did, where will the uncles on my sides keep their legs?! I mean they have to man spread (obviously!) and my legs shouldn’t get in the way, right?

Same goes for the guy in the back who decides to keep his leg under my seat. It’s not your fault you’re soo tall, but why don’t you try not moving then around soo much so we share that space so you and I can both be comfortable? But no worries. Thanks to uncle in the front lounging away, my legs are numb from all the crushing.

All this being said though, the minute I voice my concern men are usually extremely adapting and they keep their legs/arms/seat back in check. So maybe they just don’t realise other people getting crushed or have issues controlling their bladder.  

I don’t ever say anything though, because I do not like confrontation and I’d preferably get crushed for 5 hours than actually look at a human being in the eye and say that they need to sit properly.

So men, guys, please. Just look around sometimes and try to keep your bladder and your limps in your own personal space.  🙂 


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Puducherry || TheTravellingPAw

After quite a long time of not getting my bottom off the couch at my parent’s place during the holidays, they decided I had to be exposed to society before I became a cave woman. So, I was asked to choose a travel destination and get packing. They are pretty cool when it comes to travelling (and at mostly everything else too, to be honest) and we always have much fun during road trips. Dad loves hill stations and I hate anything that’s cold (except vanilla ice cream coz I am very basic that way). So we decided to go to Puducherry, also called Pondicherry a beach destination in the South of India and Yercaud – a hill station. Later about 2 months after the road trip with my parents, I went to Pondicherry again with my friends. This time without a car, more time to explore and lesser money.

In this post, I’ll talk about how cool Puducherry was because Yercaud ended up being a tiny tiny town with a very pleasant climate and this gorgeous sunset.


Puducherry is known for its travellers. The mix of people you see here is amazing. You have the foreigners – some looking extremely clueless, some with so much purpose on their face it looks like they have lived there for years (or maybe they have). Then you have the very noisy gangs of people – they care not about the place, they just want to talk, and talk loudly too. Next are the honeymooning couples, mostly desi. They too don’t seem to care about the place, but in each other and that I do not mind at all since they don’t disturb me in any way. Then comes my favourite type of people who observe all these other masses (like creeps), take many many photographs and read every board in the museums.

These people and I become friends easy. Wonder why 😛

Anyway, we visited this place called Auroville. What I loved best about Auroville is not the Matrimadir and it’s awesomess (which was pretty cool, btw) –


but the Auroville Charter –



Auroville is just pretty damn amazing. It is a place which believes in a philosophy I want the whole world to believe in one day. Imagine living in a land where this charter is the law. I know it will probably remain only in my dreams, but still; a girl can dream!

We also went into the Aurobindo Ashram and I sort of got shouted at by a guy there because I stood at the “wrong place” to read a board. This is a very sacred place and visitors are supposed to maintain absolute silence there. Then my dad and I got into a giggle fit for some reason and we rushed out before more people could shout at me. Mom glared at us for the “inappropriate behaviour”. Sorry if we offended anyone there, it’s just because of our ignorance about the place.

We walked around the French Colony a bit when I went with my parents but hired a cycle when I went with my friends. Both types of travel highly recommended, but the cycle sort of gives a bum ache after a while (honesty FTW).

The French Colony invoked the artist in me and this photograph happened.


Try eating at all the cafes and restaurants you can find there. Some of them are really good. The Indian Caffe Express, Le Cafe, Chez Nous, Carte Blanche, Le Dupleix were the places we ate from, and I liked whatever I ate. My friends had trouble getting good food, so maybe read some reviews online before you order your dishes.

Anyway, en route Paradise Beach, my mom had a verbal spat with the Google Maps lady because she apparently did not give us the right route and we got lost a little. You had to be there to actually appreciate how funny it was.

Paradise Beach looks something like this. It is bloody cool.


And then there is the Promenade and chances of coming across sunrises like these.

So make sure you get off of bed to see the sunrise at Promenade’s Rock Beach. It is pretty lively in the morning with joggers and other exercise-lovers. You will also spot tourists and lovable dogs in the morning hours.

Also, I met a dog here who sat on me like he owned the place. Like literally walked over to me, put his paw out as a tester and next thing I know, he was sitting on my lap. Needless to say, I loved him and now we’re married. ❤

You walk, you sit, you sing and you even break into a little dance if you feel like it at the Promenade. The crowd is very entertaining but not as entertaining as the police band who started playing film songs for the public’s entertainment in the evening. I sadly do not have any digital record of their performance but I have never seen anything like that before. It really is something to see policemen in uniforms performing songs from “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge”. I mean, the sight of them usually tells me to run and hide (I promise, I am not a criminal. Just instincts.) but this time I wanted to start dancing!

Basically, Puducherry is a small scale Goa. I love the place for the vibes I got at Auroville and the promenade. There is something about the place and the travellers there that I relate to and if you are in India and need a place to just chill, a holiday without too much going around, Puducherry is perfect. The place is all about its beaches, vibes and alcohol.

When I went with my friends, we stayed in the town in a nice hotel called Pleasant Inn. It is brilliantly located, every “happening” place at walkable distance. The rooms were neat, staff courteous and helpful. Check the place out here and here. With my parents, we stayed at a resort which had a private beach called the St.James Court Beach Resort and that was a blessing. I even sat on the beach pondering about life and other deep shitz. A nice dip in the Bay of Bengal is just what you want after a whole day of walking and exploring in the heat. That, and a well mixed cocktail 😛



P. S. Alcohol is cheap there. Like really cheap. Really really. But don’t try taking opened bottles out of the Union Territory. Police (NOT the same ones who perform Bollywood songs for you, they are nice ❤ ) will get hold of you at checkposts and that will be a trouble. Trust me, they check every nook and corner of your vehicle).