Flying with Entitled People|| Time Spent In Series

So we all know about my aversion to flying with babies (here, if you do not) and to kids in general (here, if that is also news to you).

BUT, you know who’s worse to travel with in a flight after babies?


But no, not all men. There is a special category of men who are actual pain to travel with and they are men who have travelled soo many times on flights that they feel entitled to act a certain way inside the aircraft.

Now of course, women do this too probably. I am just speaking for myself here and I have had this problem  I only with men. Basically, please be kind and don’t get butthurt, guys. 💖

1. Bathroom Entitlement

First things first, is it me or do men pee too many times?! Like, dude/uncle we just sat down. You don’t have to pee as soon as the  captain switches off the seat belt sign, do you? I mean, this doesn’t affect me per se except that I have to get up every time your bladder decides it needs attention, but that’s okay. I don’t mind it. You must probably get it checked though :/

2. Seat Belt Entitlement

And talking about seat belt signs, why is it that most uncles (usually them) MUST remove their seat belts the second the caution light goes off?! I mean, it’s not horribly uncomfortable or anything. Or is it the pot belly? I would never know, I guess.

3. Seat Back Entitlement

Also, why must you be a jerk and ALWAYS push you seat back soo much that poor old me sitting in the back end up having to do origami twists to save my leg from crushing​? I know my legs are short and all, but still maan. If I’d known you were going to take all my leg space I’d have bought a half ticket just for my torso to fit and then curl up in the seat 😒

4. Arm Rest Entitlement

Why the hell are men on my sides taking up the ENTIRE seat handle?! I need a bit of space on it to keep my arm too you know. I mean as I origami myself into the seat my arms need to be kept on the sides or my muscles start spasming and it hurts and stuff (damn, I am old😓)

5. The Leg Entitlement.

Good thing I don’t get space to keep my leg down because if I did, where will the uncles on my sides keep their legs?! I mean they have to man spread (obviously!) and my legs shouldn’t get in the way, right?

Same goes for the guy in the back who decides to keep his leg under my seat. It’s not your fault you’re soo tall, but why don’t you try not moving then around soo much so we share that space so you and I can both be comfortable? But no worries. Thanks to uncle in the front lounging away, my legs are numb from all the crushing.

All this being said though, the minute I voice my concern men are usually extremely adapting and they keep their legs/arms/seat back in check. So maybe they just don’t realise other people getting crushed or have issues controlling their bladder.  

I don’t ever say anything though, because I do not like confrontation and I’d preferably get crushed for 5 hours than actually look at a human being in the eye and say that they need to sit properly.

So men, guys, please. Just look around sometimes and try to keep your bladder and your limps in your own personal space.  🙂 


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Time Spent in Mumbai || Time Spent in Series

It’s been a while since I moved to Mumbai for an internship. You know, the land of Bollywood, glitz, glamour, rich, rags, local trains and everything else in between. I was terrified about moving here but now that I am here, I decided to extend my stay for a few more weeks. Don’t get me wrong, this is faar from my comfort zone, it’s a craazy place. But there’s something about the crowd and the people that I want to enjoy for a little longer.

So what all did I notice in these past two weeks?

  • Rude People

Most people told me that Mumbai is one of the most welcoming places because of how tolerant the people are. I agree that the people here are tolerant.. But they are also super busy. This means that they have no time for you or your doubts/concerns/BS. This makes them very very rude sometimes.

Everyone I know are good, nice people. People I don’t know, like rickshaw waalas, uber guys, shopkeepers, random strangers… they scream at me for everything.

I got yelled at soooo many times, it’s not even funny. Rickshaw drivers yell at me because I have no coins with me to pay them and they, for some reason, don’t want to part with the coins they have in their little pouch. They also scream at me for losing my way and telling them to take a wrong turn (that’s not my fault, Google Maps hangs on me sometimes). I get screamed at by pedestrians for walking too slow (I don’t walk slow, they walk too fast).

Things have sort of changed now though. I have also started screaming back at people. After a point you start getting pissed at people trying to get on your nerves for no apparent reason. Maybe this is what they mean by “Mumbai changes you maaan!”. I have however noticed that people who yell at me calm down a little when I yell back at them.

  • Geography

Needless to say, Mumbai is a huge city. Soo huge, that it takes hours and hours to reach from one end of the city to the other. Places I want to go to and people I want to meet live on the absolute other side of the city. I have been refusing to take the local trains all this while because this:

Image result for crowded mumbai local train
Imma not doing “chayya chayya” with these guys🙏
Image result for crowded mumbai local train
What even is this?

So unless ShahRukh Khan himself materialises in front of me and asks me to “chayya chayya” with him, I am not going near any local trains. That means I have to Uber places and even with all the romance I have with Uber (here), I  cannot be content with them charging such high rates to go places. I end up spending all my money on reaching to a place and am perpetually broke.

  • Getting Lost

I pride myself as someone who is pretty good with directions. Unless I am in a mall, I rarely get lost horribly (No, I don’t have an explanation for why I get lost in mall). But in Mumbai, I, for the first time in my life, got lost horribly. Somehow, I managed to walk 3ish kilometres in the exact opposite direction to where I was supposed to go to. With my GPS on. Google MAPS on. People present around to whom I could’ve asked the way. Sign boards around saying I was walking the wrong way.

Still got lost.

Then I had to take an auto, pay extra (which is sad coz I walked so I wouldn’t have to pay 30 bucks. Yes, I am sometimes cheap.)

  • The Name

Finally, there is the whole issue of whether I must call it “Bombay” or “Mumbai”. I know I am supposed to call it Mumbai, but my parents always said Bombay and I feel like I am too old now to change myself. But then again, I don’t want to get beaten up for not saying the right stuff. People seem to want to scream at me for no reason here anyway don’t want to give them a reason to beat me up too! So I am now a changed person who tries real hard to say “Mumbai”.

  • Joeys and Theo’s ka Pyaar. 

Have you heard of Joeys? The pizza place? Their meat ultimo? No?

Take the next flight here. You need this pizza in your life.

It’s crowded, getting your pizza is a huge task and there is usually no place to sit there and ambience is non-existent. But the pizza – I think this place is actual proof that heaven exists.

Then there’s Theobroma. I am not a huge chocolate person, but even I think their desserts are AMAZEBALLS. There are many other dessert places around here too. I have many more to get to so 2017 is going to be pretty cool food wise at least 😀

All in all, I guess even with all the screaming and getting lost and geography issues, it’s still worth living here. If nothing else goes right, you can always go and get yourself good pizza and a cookie (get screamed at the auto guys on your way there and back, but whatever). The city is inspiring actually. Mumbai makes you want to work, to do something with your life. I don’t think many people can sit a home and do nothing all day after seeing the struggles people around get to chase their dreams.

And anyway, Coldplay has come here so that solves any issue I have with this land.





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Thoughts during an Uber ride

See… I am a lazy bum. I also do not know how to drive. This means that if I am to go out of the house, someone has to appear with some kind of vehicle. I rarely have people around me who are ready to do my bidding. This is why I have a serious romance with Uber. Also, this is not a paid AD for Uber (I Wish!); the romance is real. If you are an Uber user, you are bound to relate to the following.

  • Finding that perfect Uber



I mean, I know it’s not my skill or my decision as to which Uber I get, but I like to think I have something do with acquiring that perfect Uber. You know, the one that’s close but not too close that you have no time to apply your Kajal or fill in your eyebrow (or whatever it is that non-makeup users do in the last minute).



  • The first call 

Not very romantic when your Uber driver is a 40 year old father of 3, but nevertheless someone has to call the other and I end up waiting for the driver to call me. And since I don’t call the guy, I end up stalking the car on the App.

  • Endless stalk

I make fun of my mom for staring at the miniature car going around on the App but sometimes I do the same. As I wait for the driver to call me I App-stalk the car making those tiny turns. Sometimes I see the poor guy going in some wrong direction I still won’t call. (#HorriblePersonAlert).

  • Leaving on Time


Along with being a lazy bum, I am also very impatient. So when I have to take an Uber it is with utmost care that I leave the house. There is a sweet spot in time when you get down to the entrance of your flat’s building and see the Uber coming into the compound. Only a trained professional can actually achieve that though. I can, sometimes 😎


  • Finding the Uber IRL1f5w0mq

Now, it’s not always that you get in that above-mentioned time frame. Either you’re late or the Uber is; and in addition to being a lazy bum and an impatient person I am also perpetually late. This means I have to employ my App stalking skills IRL and find that Uber in the midst of all the cars around. It’s not very tough, but is still a task if the Uber is parked farther than you expected.


  • Will the Uber smell like lunch? :/

If you’re someone who threads your eyebrows at a parlour you know how to guess the parlour lady’s lunch from the smell in her hands (is that gross?). I do the same in Ubers. Not a very fun game; but it surely does pass time. It can also give your Biryani cravings if that’s what you smell in there.

  • Do I smell like Lunch?

Close in line with the Uber’s smell is my paranoia that I might actually smell like lunch. Either that or my perfume is too much. Or I stink. You can never win with olfactory I tell you!

  • Which route to take?

If there are multiple routes to a place it’s always irritating choosing the efficient path. You know the traffic is going to be hell in route A, and lesser in route B. But route B is longer and you are already late. You gmble with luck take the shorter route praying to not get stuck in traffic.

Chances are, with my luck, I’ll get stuck in the worst traffic of the decade😒

  • The awkward talking scenes


You’d think these issues pop up only on first dates! But no, Uber rides are apparently like first dates :/

Some people like my dad are natural Uber talkers who make conversation with the drivers like they’ve been friends since second grade. I, however have no idea what to do some days and end up hearing Uber’s pay scheme for the millionth time (how Uber pays their drivers is my go to conversation point. I have now reached a point where I could probably write a paper on it.)

  • The music conundrum

Headphones? No headphones? One headphone in? Volume low? Too low you can’t hear. Gawd.

  • Directions when you’re almost there

At this time you realise you don’t really know the way to your friends place or to that restaurant you’ve been to a million times. So you tell the guy to follow the GPS and next thing you know, the GPS stays “your destination is on your left” and instead of a restaurant, all you see is a hardware store:/

  • That final goodbye

It’s not supposed to be weird getting out of an Uber, but for awkward me it’s a big deal. First of all, I always forget to tell the guy “thanks” because I am oh-so-excited about reaching my destination. Then I sort of turn back and say thanks and by then the dude is already looking away. He then hears me and turns to look at me with a “what did you say?” look and then I have to say thanks again but now that he has turned I feel like I need to add more so I say something like ” thanks for the ride, nice car” or “thanks for the ride, nice playlist” or “thanks for the ride, good lunch” or something stupid and it just becomes very yuck.

If you don’t relate this or think this is too far fetched, you’re probably not an awkward person, so be glad and share the post. If you do relate to this, thank you for understanding, share the post.:P

But seriously, are you guys ever this awkward in Uber’s/Ola/Autorikshaw or whatever you use? It cannot be just me. Let me know in the comments section so I don’t feel like a total bum.




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Time spent in a Temple.

The following is a pretty honest opinion that I have about temples/houses of worship. If you are easily offended or is not in the mood to hear this sort of stuff, skip ahead. Read another one of my posts (the funny ones, maybe) or close the window. I obviously have no problem having a rational discussion about this in the comments, but keep it nice.

Basically, thou shall the go away if thou is the butt hurt easy and not be the rude to me.

Anyway, I went to a temple today. I was made to wake up at 5 (AM!😱), shower (read: empty a tiny mug of hot water on the hair so everyone thinks I washed my hair) and travel for some 3 hours. This means I was already semi-grumpy and in a not-going-to-take-any-shit-today zone.

We went to one of the biggest temples in Kerala, India (shitty website tho 😛 ) so needless to say there’s always a crowd waiting to either see the idol or do some sort of pooja. People apparently wait for hours and hours (sometimes in scorching sun) to get into the temple but we knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who worked there and got these very special access pass. So I actually have no reason really to complain about anything but I saw some real bizzare things going on in there and hence this post.

The things people do, which is either some sort of superstition, custom or just random offering to God made me realise why I can never be a religious person. I feel the need to question everything I see/do and that doesn’t seem to be a thing in a temple.

For example, there some people who were rolling on the floor around the temple complex. This is a custom apparently (called Shayanapradikshanam) and it looked sad. I saw this one guy who was being rolled by a lady because he was semi-unconscious and tired from doing it for a long time. Now, after doing this the man might feel good (or he won’t) or some great desire of his heart would get fulfilled or something. I don’t know.

There were also people who were walking slowly around the temple. Like really really really slow. If you are unfortunate enough to get behind one of these groups, you’ll never reach anywhere. I thought they were just slow walkers, but turns out, it’s a custom. I wanted to ask them what was the point of walking like that, but none of them looked chatty.

There are also those poor souls who stand in line for hours just to see the idol for 5 seconds. Again, it’s their wish to whatever they want to do, so I am not commenting on this. I don’t understand giving God money either, because when did God become high maintenance? There’s special fee for prasadham, which is gheer and unniyappam and stuff (They are tasty AF so I ain’t complaining about that at all). Oh and people also did this special thing where they balance their own weight against certain items (from bananas to gold) and then offer that to the temple. Honestly, I don’t really think the God cares about your gold but these people are rich so I don’t know how their mind works. There was an elephant there in chains too, and if I start writing about how I feel about keeping animals in chains (wild animals that too) this post is going to go another way.

Point is, a temple or any house of worship, in my opinion should be a place where there’s peace and quiet. Honestly, this temple trip stressed me out. I saw tired faces wherever I looked. I have been to places with crowds before which were more peaceful than my own home. So the people aren’t what’s causing all the noise and stress. It’s the fact that the temples have become less Godly and more commercial. Everything people do to please the Gods are done after they pay a certain amount and get a receipt. I wanted to figure out how much money the temple must be making every day and I gave up (the numbers got confusing).

I have no issues with God, he/she/it seems chill. I don’t really think he/she/it gives many Fs about our lives coz seriously, we are pretty mundane in the big picture. In the meantime, people are rolling on the floor, slow walking, weighing gold and standing for hours under the hot sun to get the God to like them. If that makes them happy, so be it.

As for me, if I ever feel the need to go to a temple I think I’ll keep my visits limited to the smaller, calmer temples. Who knows, maybe those Gods have lesser visitors so they’ll hear me clearer. Until then, I’ll pray for the poor chained elephant.






P. S. I saw a tall man with long white hair and a white beard. So yes, Dumbledore is still alive and well. ❤

Puducherry || TheTravellingPAw

After quite a long time of not getting my bottom off the couch at my parent’s place during the holidays, they decided I had to be exposed to society before I became a cave woman. So, I was asked to choose a travel destination and get packing. They are pretty cool when it comes to travelling (and at mostly everything else too, to be honest) and we always have much fun during road trips. Dad loves hill stations and I hate anything that’s cold (except vanilla ice cream coz I am very basic that way). So we decided to go to Puducherry, also called Pondicherry a beach destination in the South of India and Yercaud – a hill station. Later about 2 months after the road trip with my parents, I went to Pondicherry again with my friends. This time without a car, more time to explore and lesser money.

In this post, I’ll talk about how cool Puducherry was because Yercaud ended up being a tiny tiny town with a very pleasant climate and this gorgeous sunset.


Puducherry is known for its travellers. The mix of people you see here is amazing. You have the foreigners – some looking extremely clueless, some with so much purpose on their face it looks like they have lived there for years (or maybe they have). Then you have the very noisy gangs of people – they care not about the place, they just want to talk, and talk loudly too. Next are the honeymooning couples, mostly desi. They too don’t seem to care about the place, but in each other and that I do not mind at all since they don’t disturb me in any way. Then comes my favourite type of people who observe all these other masses (like creeps), take many many photographs and read every board in the museums.

These people and I become friends easy. Wonder why 😛

Anyway, we visited this place called Auroville. What I loved best about Auroville is not the Matrimadir and it’s awesomess (which was pretty cool, btw) –


but the Auroville Charter –



Auroville is just pretty damn amazing. It is a place which believes in a philosophy I want the whole world to believe in one day. Imagine living in a land where this charter is the law. I know it will probably remain only in my dreams, but still; a girl can dream!

We also went into the Aurobindo Ashram and I sort of got shouted at by a guy there because I stood at the “wrong place” to read a board. This is a very sacred place and visitors are supposed to maintain absolute silence there. Then my dad and I got into a giggle fit for some reason and we rushed out before more people could shout at me. Mom glared at us for the “inappropriate behaviour”. Sorry if we offended anyone there, it’s just because of our ignorance about the place.

We walked around the French Colony a bit when I went with my parents but hired a cycle when I went with my friends. Both types of travel highly recommended, but the cycle sort of gives a bum ache after a while (honesty FTW).

The French Colony invoked the artist in me and this photograph happened.


Try eating at all the cafes and restaurants you can find there. Some of them are really good. The Indian Caffe Express, Le Cafe, Chez Nous, Carte Blanche, Le Dupleix were the places we ate from, and I liked whatever I ate. My friends had trouble getting good food, so maybe read some reviews online before you order your dishes.

Anyway, en route Paradise Beach, my mom had a verbal spat with the Google Maps lady because she apparently did not give us the right route and we got lost a little. You had to be there to actually appreciate how funny it was.

Paradise Beach looks something like this. It is bloody cool.


And then there is the Promenade and chances of coming across sunrises like these.

So make sure you get off of bed to see the sunrise at Promenade’s Rock Beach. It is pretty lively in the morning with joggers and other exercise-lovers. You will also spot tourists and lovable dogs in the morning hours.

Also, I met a dog here who sat on me like he owned the place. Like literally walked over to me, put his paw out as a tester and next thing I know, he was sitting on my lap. Needless to say, I loved him and now we’re married. ❤

You walk, you sit, you sing and you even break into a little dance if you feel like it at the Promenade. The crowd is very entertaining but not as entertaining as the police band who started playing film songs for the public’s entertainment in the evening. I sadly do not have any digital record of their performance but I have never seen anything like that before. It really is something to see policemen in uniforms performing songs from “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge”. I mean, the sight of them usually tells me to run and hide (I promise, I am not a criminal. Just instincts.) but this time I wanted to start dancing!

Basically, Puducherry is a small scale Goa. I love the place for the vibes I got at Auroville and the promenade. There is something about the place and the travellers there that I relate to and if you are in India and need a place to just chill, a holiday without too much going around, Puducherry is perfect. The place is all about its beaches, vibes and alcohol.

When I went with my friends, we stayed in the town in a nice hotel called Pleasant Inn. It is brilliantly located, every “happening” place at walkable distance. The rooms were neat, staff courteous and helpful. Check the place out here and here. With my parents, we stayed at a resort which had a private beach called the St.James Court Beach Resort and that was a blessing. I even sat on the beach pondering about life and other deep shitz. A nice dip in the Bay of Bengal is just what you want after a whole day of walking and exploring in the heat. That, and a well mixed cocktail 😛



P. S. Alcohol is cheap there. Like really cheap. Really really. But don’t try taking opened bottles out of the Union Territory. Police (NOT the same ones who perform Bollywood songs for you, they are nice ❤ ) will get hold of you at checkposts and that will be a trouble. Trust me, they check every nook and corner of your vehicle).

The Orphan Category.

So last day I was rummaging through my drafts trying to look for this post I remember leaving half way (which I never found. #WordpressSteals?). And then I came across another post which I had abandoned. And that lead me on a quest through many many blog posts I had discarded midway but never deleted (coz I thought they would feel bad if I put them in the thrash.).

Anyway, during this search I found a category in my blog which I had completely forgotten about. And that is “The Travelling PAw“. There is one post over there which is my promise to write about my trip to Europe. This saddened me because I absolutely loooveee travelling and one of the reasons I started this blog was so I could inspire other people to travel and see the world. Also, if someone would like to be my travel partner, that would be nice 😛

Here is the blog post I wrote about travelling. Do read that if you haven’t already. 🙂

Thing is, I cannot promise that this category is going to be the liveliest in the blog for the sole reason that I am stuck at Uni right now and my travelling partners, my Super-Parents, are too far away from me. But, we have gone on some really cool trips in the past and I’ll try bringing it to you guys. I have some really cool trips planned for next year though, so that’ll be exciting.

Because of my lack of travelling currently, I might even think of adding some guest posts and re-blogs on this category because it is just about countries and cultures and getting your bottom off of your comfort zones.

Doesn’t always have to be me travelling now, does it?

In the comment below, tell me how your day has been, how your past weeks have been and maybe we can even have a discussion on what you had for dinner. I just want to talk. It has been a while since I came on here.

Love 🙂

P. S. My exams are all over. I am free. Finally!!

On second thoughts, I am not that free. Internship starts Monday. Yay. :/


I am just going to say some things here. It’s a tiny rant. I hear people boasting about travelling when all they did was take selfies at some touristy spots and that irks me. Here goes…

Travelling is a lot more than just going to places. It is about being adventurous, spontaneous and being open to new experiences. It is not about going to Delhi to shop. It is not about going to Switzerland to eat chocolates. It is about going on the metro trains at Delhi and pushing through the crowds, it is about walking around in Lucerne and asking random strangers about the lion monument there. It is everything you do when you are not being a typical tourist.

I want everyone to see the world. As a traveller. And here’s why…

I want people to travel so they see how beautiful the world is. I want people to travel so they get inspired to do better things. I want people to travel so they feel the warmth I felt when strangers at unknown lands smiled at me. I want people to travel so they feel comforted outside their comfort zones.

Basically, I want people to travel so they understand how insignificant they are in the bigger picture of things. That humbles you, that makes you want to leave your mark even in the slightest way possible. That, makes way for greater ideas, ideas that may not change the world, but will change you and the people around you.

And no, I don’t want you to visit a place and be a tourist there like I did for many years in my past. There is nothing great in visiting a city and staying at your luxury hotel and just going around a 2 kilometre radius drive in an air conditioned car. It is not travel when you stop at a mall or a touristy spot to shop for some souvenirs. Telling people you enjoyed the local cuisine when all you did was eat at the hotel’s restaurant is not enough either.

Because that is not travel.

Travel is when you get to a place, book the cheapest, most uncomfortable hotel and then get out to see the city. The more uncomfortable the hotel, the more you’ll find yourself walking on the streets and getting lost among their culture. This getting lost will make you talk to people, ask for help. This will tire you out, which in turn gets you into a local restaurant or a cafe or even an ice cream kiosk. That will then make you understand the people, their daily lives in that city.

Next day, you’ll realise you want more. You’ll realise that you want to go to the nearby city/village/town. You’ll take the train or the bus because then you will meet more people, or at least see more people. You’ll realise how things change with miles. Different cultures, different people, different life styles, even different types of coffees.

Next time you go out, be a traveller. Try seeing the world from your own two eyes. Not through the eyes of a tour guide or through the glasses of your car’s window. There will be a difference in your life.

Love 🙂

P.S. Please understand that the things mentioned above are solely my opinion. I have nothing against people who like being tourists. All power to you if you like doing only the touristy things. Just try being a traveller once. That changed me for the good, and I hope it changes you too.

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