Stopping to smell the flower.

So last day a famous Indian musician/singer, Sonu Nigam partook in a social experiment. Basically he dressed up as an old, ragged, homeless-looking man and started playing a Harmonium and singing on the side of the rod. Obviously, one would expect at least a hundred people to crowd around him because his voice is angelic almost. But, less than 20 people might have paused to listen and even lesser people actually gave a damn. ONE person cared enough to tell him how brilliant his voice was, gave him some money and asked if he’d had breakfast.


So, my dad and I were discussing this and he told me the story about Joshua Bell on whose experiment this is based on. So Bell is a famous violinist who apparently sold tickets to his concerts for up to a lakh (INR 1,00,000) and sometimes even more than that. However, when he started playing at a railway station, no one seemed to care (video below). The reason is quite simple actually.

We are all so very aimed at reaching certain places and doing certain things on time that we forget to stop for the smaller things. ‘

Just imagine yourself, on your way to work, in the morning – your priority is getting to work on time, finishing up that report you need to submit and preparing for that afternoon presentation. If you are on your way to class,your thoughts are on the portions you have revised for the test, the assignments that are due tomorrow and getting that caffeine into your system ASAP.  So it really is understandable why you might forget to stop to smile at a lady in the bus or pat a dog on the sidewalk or even listen to the man singing /playing the violin. In a way it’s good that we prioritize things, it makes us focused individuals.

But is life’s worth counted on amount of focus we have in life? I’d say life ‘s worth is counted on the simple things. Like today, my day was worthwhile because I was woken up with kissies from my mom, had brilliant chai with breakfast,  watched some Graham Norton videos which made me laugh and had a ‘irritate dad by being annoying’ session. Had I locked myself up in my room to write a research paper I may have missed out on all those small things, but I may have finished a paper. Focused worker v. being available for ‘fun’. It is tough , that choice.

What’s more worthwhile to you ? Decide that and then make life’s decisions. I care about the smaller things, so next time I am walking back home from the bus stop, you’ll surely see me stopping to smell the flowers on the way (Maybe not literally, I have allergies, but you get the point. 😛 )

What do you say? Stop and smell the flowers or concentrate on climbing up to the top of the mountain? Let me know in the comments, e-mail, Instagram or Twitter.


me 🙂


Watch the Joshua Bell video here:-


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The Browsing Position.

You know that manner which your body convolutes into when you are on your laptop for hours at a stretch doing good for nothing stuff like watching cat videos, soldiers coming back home videos or even taking the most random BuzzFeed quizzes?

It looks a little like this:

Yeah, that one. I have a story to tell y’all about this. (I’m kidding. The story has very less to do about this but a lot to do with me having to rant a little. #NotMisleading )

So, we had a kinda important week in college with many submissions and tests and viva (basically any crap the teachers think will help us “learn”). This meant that I procrastinated more than ever this previous week and assumed this position for more than 5 hours, everyday (Okay maybe not 5. Like 9 hours, more or less :/ ). Saturday was the last submission and the deadline was 4PM. You know, you’d think I would have learned my lesson from all these years of waiting till the last minute to submit stuff. But no, I finished my work at about 3:45 and then had to power-walk/semi-run to college. Then, panting and sweating with a very questionable hairdo (coz of the wind and the sweat and not combing the said hair for about 3 days), I reached the photocopy centre. Now, this place is basically a high desk, behind which are two photocopy machines, two computers and two printers. Not to mention two very very lazy dudes who live in their own little bubble. Like, I am not even kidding, one time asked one of them to take a copy for me and he stared at me for a full 5 minute period before walking away from me to sit down on a nearby chair. Imagine that and my possible bewildered look at his response.

Anyway, I stand in queue with a ton of other random lazy asses like me who did not do their work on time, finally got my thingy printed and submitted it. I was then walking back home when I realised that there was an excruciating pain on my lower back which was basically making me walk like a drunk old woman. You know sometimes you get these pains and you convince yourself that that is how you are going to die? That was me.

I get back home and assume my browsing position and my genius brain figures it out. It is the browsing position that gave me the back pain! See, I had spent too much time sitting like that, my body couldn’t handle it. I blame the education system for this. I also blame the legal system. I can’t figure out how the system is liable for my back pain, but I blame it. I also want to blame the internet but I love it waay too much to be harsh to him/her.

So why it took me 5 days to write about this? Because I had a test yesterday I needed to study for and because I procrastinated (what else is new?) and also did not want to assume the browsing position that clearly did not do any good for me.

Also, this post is nothing but me trying to gain all of your sympathy for being an ass and not writing for what I think is a month or something (It’s 13 days. I checked.). Anyway, I am soooo sorry! I got caught up with all the damn university stuff which I still believe do nothing good for me (but still have to do coz as it was pointed out to me, “who in their right mind would leave 4th year of law school?”)

I swear I will do better. Promise. :*

P. S. I still have the pain. If you have a remedy for crap like this, please do let me know.

P. P. S. If anyone is wondering how I did in the submission, TERRIBLY. Least marks I’ve ever gotten in my whole college life. Yeah, education isn’t stressful or anything! :/

P. P. P. S. Love 🙂

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Why iiSuperwomanii is the BOSS.

YouTube is one of my favourite past times. I adore the idea that some people can sit in their bedrooms and be able to impact the lives of thousands of people from all around the world. There are many YouTubers I love but the top love of my life will always be iiSuperwomanii. She’s BAE.

iiSuperwomanii or Lilly Singh is a Canadian unicorn who considers it her purpose in life to make people happy. She loves her job as the mother of unicorns and enjoys hugging Team Super, her fan following. She makes videos twice a week and has a second channel where she posts daily vlogs of her life. And that means eating Chipotle (Kidding! :P). Recently she went on a world tour and took everyone on a trip to unicorn island. That’s where she lives. 🙂

To just say that she is talented would be an understatement. The woman can dance, sing, rap, make others laugh and be super awesome all day long. She also has sad days and the best part is, she shows us how to rise above those bad days. It isn’t easy, but it isn’t un-doable either.

Watch some of her songs here. Leh is probably my most favourite.

Her videos are damn funny. Check em out here.

She is friends with the ROCK too. And Kunal Nayyar from the Big Bang Theory. And Jay Sean.

The reason why she is the boss is because the woman has the sort of passion I wish everyone in the world had. It does not matter what you want to do in your life – maybe it is to travel to Pluto or maybe it is to be president or maybe it is to just be happy in life. Lilly’s life is an example that you can be whatever and whoever you want to be as long as you are passionate about it and work for it. You can whine about how much work you have, you can complain too. But that must not be the only thing you do. Whine, complain and cry a bit. Then buck up and get to work.

Happiness, Unicorns, One Love, Self-Respect, Passion, Hard Work, Creativity. These words define Lilly. The ever empowering, role model for the millions following her 🙂

Also, dat hair doe. ❤


So, I was watching this video on YouTube by Karimchii, one of the YouTubers I am subscribed to. He usually makes fun, entertaining videos but this time he talked about something serious. Scars. I’ve linked the video below if you want to watch it. In his video he talked about how he views scars as positive signs; sometimes of how you survived an accident or how you overcame a painful time in life. As I watched him talk about this, I couldn’t agree more to his views. But then I realized that I think differently about scars.

When I look at a scar on someone, I never think of it as “ugly” or “disgusting”. Truth Harry's Scaris, I don’t think of it as a negative or positive sign. It is just something some people have or don’t have. Neutral. That is, if you are not sporting a lighning bolt scar on your forehead. If you have that on you, I’d worship you.

Anyway, I kept pondering over the topic of scars even after the video ended. The video had talked about how scars could act as a reminder of something epic (good/bad) that happened in your past. But what about those scars which are a result of something unremarkable that happened to you? For example, a scar/mark left on your hand after an insect bit you? Or a scar/mark from a random bruise you don’t even remember? What about those scars from chickenpox you had as a child? Or from that one time you were careless with the iron box? Nothing major, but they are still there. Visible.

I have scars all over my face. Some of them are leftovers from skin allergies I had as a child. They haven’t faded even after all these years. Some others are from pimples I had as a teenager. They are horrible looking and do not remind me of anything cool or stupid or funny. They are just there. Part of me. Part of my face.

Do I like them? Obviously not.

Do I wish I had a clear skin? Yes.

Have I learned to live with it? Yes.

Scars don’t have to be stories of battles you fought with life. They don’t have to remind you of your past. They do not have to be significant. They can be simple marks left by a rogue pimple or a random cut. All you have to do is learn to live with it. Because at the end of the day, nobody, and I mean nobody cares about your marks. They all have their own faces and bodies and marks to worry about. Your face is 10 times better than you see it; your body is 100 times cooler than you give it credit for.  You don’t have to bring a concealer to every spot on your face or your body. Your scars don’t define you if you don’t want them to.

Chill, relax. Let those scars be seen. If they remind you of a past that you can now be proud of, tell the world about it. If it reminds you of a past you are scared to dig into, pull yourself out of that gutter; move on in the journey of life. If you don’t even remember the reason for that scar, don’t try figuring it out now, who the hell cares?!

Watch Karimchii’s Video here.